Run of the Mill???

Fox News

Dem ‘cannabis candidate’ accused of abusing women, overstating ‘Iraq veteran’ claim

Just how many of the PC – Boulder Rolling – left-wingers who have been relentless trying to dig up dirt on PDT have skeletons in their closet??

It seems that this fool, Benjamin Thomas Wolf is seeking a U.S. House seat in Illinois. He attracted attention for a campaign ad showing him smoking pot, now faces accusations that he has abused women and misleadingly described himself as an “Iraq veteran” and “former FBI agent.” He sounds to me like a guy with a little man’s syndrome trying to make himself look important.

In short the dude is a fraud. Inforamtion coming from an ex-girlfriend alleged he acted abusively and intentionally revealed her name and home address on social media, a practice called “doxing.”

I had to look this one up.


gerund or present participle: doxing
  1. search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.

So it must be safe the say that Wolf is a dirty rotten doxer.

Just how many of the PC – Boulder Rolling – left-wingers who have been relentless trying to dig up dirt on PDT have stacks of  skeletons in the closet?? It seems that it has turned into a GOT-YA game between the parties.

I still contend; if the parties on BOOF sides put their heads together (the ones on their shoulders) and tried to build something constructive for this country instead of wasting so much time and $oldi on their infantile GOTT-YA games, no telling how much they could accomplish.

As for Benjamin Thomas Wolf, the dude will probably get elected.  Many of his Boulder Rolling constituents are cut from the same cloth.  Right Alec??


The guy looks like he should have numbers on his chest.

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