Just what the doctor ordered

Trump hints at steel tariff flexibility for ‘real friends’

For years; the intelligent people in the USA had the wisdom to see what we needed to get this country out of a jackpot was a GOOD/EXCELLENT/OUTSTANDING businessman running it, instead of a corrupt/incompetent/don’t give a shit about the taxpayers $oldi, politician.  Now we have just that.

PDT is a fine example of leaving the sawing to the carpenter.  Wheeling and dealing is his MEAT. This is what he does best and has been demonstrating that even before he put his hand on the bible.

FAIRLY is a gigantic word in PDT’s dictionary that he uses with great frequency. All he is looking for in his financial endeavors of world trade is to be treated; FAIRLY.  What more can anyone ask for?

The USA has been getting short-ended of the stick for decades by foreign countries. Can we blame the countries or door # 2, the incompetents in the USA that were sanctioning the deals. I say; door # 2.

As I stated the other day; when was the 1st or last time ANY president EVER negotiated a price with government contractors?? NEVER.

All PDT wants is to be treated fairly and not be used and abused as we have for decades. I am positive our trading partners want to be treated fairly as well.

For as long as Nancy and Sluggo have been getting it on, the USA has been the bank and the punching bag of the world.  PDT is putting an end to the gravy train and the leaches do not like it.

IF ANYONE IN THIS COUNTRY CAN FIND FAULT WITH THE STAND PDT IS TAKING WITH OUR TRADING PARTNERS (BEING TREATED FAIRLY); THEY HAVE A SEVERE MENTAL ISSUES.  That applies to many of the Boulder Rollers. As redicilous as they have been,  they have to have some boards loose in their attic or not playing with a full deck!! Maybe BOOF!!!!

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