Who is the BIG DOG now????

Putin touts new ‘invincible’ missile capable of piercing US defenses

While the entire world is focusing their attention on North Korea’s Kid Dick-tator developing his weapons of mass-destruction; Val, the Judo Guy (that is what his close friends like Steven Seagal call him) has been busy at work synchronizing and fine tuning his newest weapon that he claims is the Biggest and Baddest weapon in the world. According to Putin it is so Big and so Bad it is virtually unstoppable to defend against. I don’t doubt his claim.

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Mankind (or if you live in Canada, people-kind) should hang their heads in shame, that we have regressed so low on the humanitarian/peace scale, that countries are more concerned with is eliminating the competition than making peace. It is disgraceful. In essence, mankind (or if you live in Canada, people-kind) is self-destructing.

It should have been the responsibility of ALL people in this world to give/make the conditions for generations that follow them, better than what they had.  They have done just to opposite.

MOST people view success on how much credit card debt they can rack up before getting shut off, what kind of ride they ride in, the cost of the mink coat their old lady wears, the grossly over-sized pad they live in, some of which are without furniture or food in the frig (all flash and no cash), what school their kids go to. In essence, they are trying to out-due the guy next door.

Power – money and ego is what motivates the heavy hitters. We see that in all walks of life; especially with the recent revelations of sexual abuse by some high rollers.  To them it is not about the sex act, it is about power and control.

How did we get from dooms-day nuclear missiles to sexual abuse?? They all a spun out of the same web; motivated by power – money and control.  Very few heavy-hitters in this world are satisfied with what they have, they always want more.

Take the CEO dude of Amazon. He is not satisfied he is worth 108 billion dollar$, he wants more. Recently he has come up with the brain-storm of delivering his own packages and shutout Fed X and UPS. Just how much is enough??

Looking at the big picture; I will contend that a very high percentage of countries, not all, are being forced into developing the SUPERIOR weapons as a matter of self-preservation. Gotta be in the game or get crushed. If anyone thinks the USA is not on the same mission, they are sadly mistaken.

In general; we are not setting the standards for the future for our kids and grand-kids with well paved roads, we are paving them with weapons of mass destruction.

When will ALL of mankind come to their senses and say; enough is enough?? I don’t think it will ever happen.  In order for people in any capacity to have a good working relationship with one another, there has to be some degree of trust in the mix. From what I see, that is pretty much non-existent with all of the worlds leaders.  They all want to have the biggest dog.  Unfortunately;  Joe & Jane Blow are just pawns in the game and have no say so.

With the Judo Guys latest revelation; I guess he can hold the bragging rights to being the Biggest and Baddest Dude on the planet. What a hell of a way to lay stake to that claim.

Let us all hope and pray that the day never comes when someone intentionally or accidentally hits the red button. It will start a chain reaction like mankind has never witnessed.


We are all sitting on top of an active volcano, BUTT some of us don’t know it. If and when it will blow, no one knows.

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  1. Reblogged this on Sigrid's Blog * America Then and Now and commented:
    There is nothing I can add to this posting. I am only waiting to see, how many liberals/Democrats are still hanging with the insane bunch in their Party. They cannot get over themselves and how important they think they are. THEY ARE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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