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Lewinsky Reflects On Impact Of #MeToo

Monica Lewinsky said she doesn’t think she would have “felt so isolated” had her story happened today.
It is just an opinion. One would think that this lady would keep as low a profile as possible. Instead, recently she has been sticking her nose into the camera every chance she gets.  She must be  getting very well paid to tell her story about a roll in the hay or a under the desk affair she with the sleazy president of the USA.  It is very old news.
Her situation, if that is what we want to call it, is a lot different from the unfortunate ladies in #MeTOO that were truly molested or raped.  Lewinsky was not a victim BUTT a willing participant.  I don’t know where the connection is.
BUTT, always the BIG BUTT; what is acceptable these days in the sexual world was not back in 1998.  In her mind, that may be the difference why she is not the least bit hesitant about repeatedly telling her tale.
Let us not forget, the then president of the USA swore he didn’t have sexual relations with that women.
Because of his adamant denial, consequently,  many youth did not consider oral sex as a true sex act.
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Did Bill Clinton have anything to do with our definition of sex?
June 27, 2010 3:23 PM  

What counts as sex? A group of researchers at the University of Kentucky-Lexington, thinks that Bill Clinton’s famous assertion that he “did not have sexual relations” with Monica Lewinsky may be the reason so many young people today don’t consider oral sex to count as doing the deed.
With that in mind; we can thank Wild Bill Clinton for his contribution to the youth of America.  I am sure he is still proud of his accomplishment.
I GOTTA bet that, to this day, Wild Bill can not stand the sight of a women in a blue dress.
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