No wonder Harry waited so long!!!

I guess it goes without saying, Prince Harry has very good taste in women.

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Megan Markle will have the distinction of being the 1st American to marry into the Royal Family.

If Megan didn’t have it made before, she certainly will now. BUT; there are two sides to every shilling.  As good of a life the royals have, their celebrity comes with a high price. They virtually have no private life. They constantly have the paparazzi and the media following them around trying to get a photograph or attempting to dig up some trash on them.

Many of the people that are forced into the spot-light can not take the relentless attacks. Unfortunately, Princess Di had to learn it the hard way and became one of their victims.


If Megan can tolerate the harassment, she will have a very glamours life ahead.

Pip – Pip – Cheerio – Chip – Chip to Harry and his future wife.  May they have a long happy life together and a lot of red headed kids.


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