They still don’t get it ….

Drone drops leaflets over football stadiums, raising security concerns

A drone pilot was arrested on Sunday for allegedly flying a drone over two football stadiums in California, prompting an investigation by federal, state and local law enforcement. 

The suspect, who was not immediately identified, used a drone to distribute anti-media leaflets over NFL crowds during the game between the 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks at Levi’s Stadium, according to The San Francisco Chronicle

They could have very well dropped chemicals or bombs instead of leaflets.

The authorities still don’t get it. Sooner or later, some crack-pot or terrorist (same thing) is going to use one of these up-side-down egg beaters for nefarious reasons.

Going back a couple of years, I have done over a dozen posts on the dangers of drones and their inevitable use by terrorists.


Like everything else, SOP for the authorities is not to repair the bridges until one of them collapses and kills about 30 people or if one of their family members was involved.

Just think of the 1,000’s of possibilities where a drone can be used in a criminal act. It is frightening. BUTT, the fools in higher places refuse to act on controlling their use or banning them all together for that matter.

Their use should be restricted to designated sites like model airplane enthusiasts use. The only people that should be allowed to use them out-side of those areas should be cops and military. Other than that, there should be OPEN SEASON on shooting them down. Who in the hell knows what they are carrying??–theyre-dangerous-and-they-must-be-regulated/

When the shit hits the fan in any area because of their dereliction of duty, all of the politicians run for cover and NO ONE ever take responsibility for their negligence in office.

Just hold on to your hats and bonnets when some of the severe fax pas Obama made comes back to bite the American people in their ass. Where do you think he will be.

We still are paying for what GWB and his president Tricky Dick did while in office and will be paying for a long time to come. And you may ask; where is GWB? He is collecting 100 G’s per event when he speaks at veterans affairs. Yes, the same people he put in those hospital beds are the ones he is clipping. Did I mention the 20 G’s he demand for a private jet to carry him back and forth from the event??

Washington (CNN)

Former President George W. Bush is under fire for charging $100,000 to speak to a group of veterans wounded in a pair of wars he started when he was in office, just the latest front in a political battle over speaking fees that has hit both sides of the aisle


Members of the Texas-based Helping a Hero charity told ABC News that Bush charged $100,000 for his 2012 speech at a charity fundraiser for veterans who lost limbs in the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. The former president was also given use of a private jet at a cost of $20,000 and former First Lady Laura Bush was paid $50,000 to speak to the group last year.

Back to the welfare recipients. How can the American people expect anything different from our politicians when they can not even pass a budget that they have years to prepare for.


The Three stooges


They have such a strangle hold on this country it is shameful. BUTTT; if ever the governments ever does shut down, our illustrious congress made sure they passed a law that THEIR  pay checks would not be affected. That little piece of legislation took them about 15 minutes to pass.

In 2015, it took them 6 years to pass a budget. If these fools were paid by their productivity, every day they would owe the government.

Whenever make a comparison on how productive people can be,  having the right tools and personal in place; I always mention the construction of the Empire State Building. It took an astounding 14 months to construct from start to finish.

Bear in mind, that was long before there were tower cranes or any other skyscraper construction equipment available. .

Empire State Building
Empire State Building (aerial view).jpg

Seen from the air, 2012
Record height
Tallest in the world from 1931 to 1970[I]
Preceded by Chrysler Building
Surpassed by 1 World Trade Center (North Tower)
General information
Status Complete
Type Office building; observation deck
Architectural style Art Deco
Location 350 Fifth Avenue
Manhattan, New York 10118[a]
Construction started March 17, 1930
Completed April 11, 1931
Opening May 1, 1931; 86 years ago[3]
Cost $40,948,900[4]
($645 million in 2016 dollars[5])
Owner Empire State Realty Trust
Architectural 1,250 ft (381.0 m)[6]
Tip 1,454 ft (443.2 m)[6]
Roof 1,250 ft (381.0 m)[6]
Top floor 1,224 ft (373.1 m)[6]
Observatory 1,224 ft (373.1 m) (102nd floor)
1,050 feet (320 m) (86th floor)[6]
Other dimensions 424 ft (129.2 m) east–west by 187 ft (57.0 m) north–south[7]
Technical details
Floor count 102[6][7][8][b]
Floor area 2,248,355 sq ft (208,879 m2)[6]
Lifts/elevators 73[6]
Design and construction
Architect Shreve, Lamb and Harmon
Developer Empire State Inc., including John J. Raskob and Al Smith
Structural engineer Homer Gage Balcom
Main contractor Starrett Brothers and Eken
Empire State Building

You may ask; if that astounding feat could be accomplished back then, why does it take our government so long to do anything in these supposedly modern times? The answer; 1st and foremost, they are incompetent and spoiled beyond belief. In their minuscule pea brains, they think, the longer it takes to accomplish anything, the more important and complex it makes their jobs appear.

Politicians and the millionaire sports figures should have a very low base salary and should only be paid by an incentive scale. The better they perform, the more they get paid.  That would accomplish a couple of things. They would either have to produce 100% and be successful, or they would be in the soup line.  What gives anyone the incentive to be productive if they get paid the same, either way?

In my humble opinion; most politicians are just high priced welfare recipients, people on public subsistence. One of the differences between them; the politicians have their chauffeurs drive them to the bank, where the people on welfare have to take the bus.

My heart really goes out to the people that truly need help. To all the free-loading parasites, the government is your best friend and worst enemy at the same time.  They have morphed you into a bunch of zombies and you don’t want to change.  The free loaders are draining our country to the tune of billions a year and the government is their sponsors.  I don’t blame the parasites, I blame their benefactors.


It shows up in this recent report from the Cato Institute, which argues that the federal government spends $668 billion dollars per year on 126 different welfare programs (spending by the state and local governments push that figure up to $1 trillion per year).Jan 12, 2014

Drones: What does it take for these fools wake up and acknowledge the dangers of the flying machines? I can almost guarantee, somewhere down the road, and it may be soon, some crack pot is going to use a drone for other than dropping leaflets resulting in dire consequences.

Man arrested for landing ‘radioactive’ drone on Japanese Prime Minister’s roof


I can’t help but wonder if the people from the Land of the Rising Sun ever woke up??


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