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Denzel Washington: Prison system not to blame for crime in black communities

Ever since Bill Cosby’s clandestine characteristics showed its ugly head, the black community has lacked the face of a well known star to PUT IT ON THE LINE for them and tell it like it really is.

Actor Denzel Washington has stepped up to the plate, stressing the prison system was not to blame for crime in black communities, stressing the importance of properly raising children at home, during his tour promoting his new movie at an advanced screening last week.

“It starts in the home,” the two-time Oscar-winner told The Grio. “If the father is not in the home, the boy will find a father in the streets. I saw it in my generation and every generation before me, and every one since.”

“If the streets raise you, then the judge becomes your mother and prison becomes your home,” 62-year-old Washington added.

The sign of a truly stand-up person, with a backbone, is someone that is willing to go against the grin of the masses to set the record straight, regardless of the consequence. This is exactly what Dr. Huxtible did and what Denzel is doing now. These are great people that care about their communities.  They are putting their celebrity where their mouth is, in an attempt to change the inevitable crash course the black community is on.

Two men alone are not going to overcome this almost insurmountable task, it is going to take 100’s of them to put their butt on the line and take a hard stand for the salvation of their people.

I have said it many times in my posts. The root of the problem in the black community is not the cops (a very small percentage), the problem in the black community is the black community.  If they could get their criminal activities under control, there would be no need for cops. No crime, no cops, no problem.

As Denzel says, it all beings at home. If there is not a proper family structure to set good examples and keep the kids in line, society is just pissing up a rope.

How about all of the kneelers and their fans base unite, travel the country and start SPREADING THE WORD as they should be. It will take a few decades to reverse things, if that is possible, but the direction the country is going now, we are looking at a long-range dooms day if a corner is not turned, and soon.

One of the other major anchors in the black community are the rebel-rousing agitators like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpless.  They do not want to preach as to what the true root of the problem is, they just want to continue to stir up the racial pot so the donations keep coming in.


Can anyone convince me that people like them have any regard for their race? Hell no.  They are in it for only what they can get out of it.

AGAIN; words of wisdom: “It starts with how you raise your children. If a young man doesn’t have a father figure, he’ll go find a father figure,” the actor said.

“So you know I can’t blame the system,” he continued. “It’s unfortunate that we make such easy work for them.”

ALL people, not just the black community should follow the example of the post I did the other day on the three brilliant black ladies, who through their EDUCATION started to change the way our ignorant society viewed black people.

What an inspiration they are!!!



EDUCATION should start immediately, as soon as the new born pops their head into the world. Only through EDUCATION will the changes come about that will bring society back to where it needs to be.

Am I optimistic? Not really.  There are too many negative influences that have gained momentum in the last 20 years that continues to dominate society and pulls it down. To mention a few; social media, drugs, booze, promiscuity, unsupervised upbringings, peer pressure, ultra-liberal culture, piss poor role models, the out of control welfare system and PC-ness.

I would love to say I am wrong BUT ………

To the kneelers; if you truly care about your race, get off your knees, go out into the communities and do some old time gospel preaching. Key words; if you really care. I don’t see it happening. They are too wrapped up in their own selfish lifestyles. All they are doing is selling WOLF TICKETS. All bark and not bite.  Prove me wrong.


As far as Denzel goes; he is just as proficient setting a good example as a human-being, as he is an actor. GREAT

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