They all tie together

I noticed it right out of the starting gate that, then candidate Donald Trump was not very articulate and in some instances had a very tough texture. Put that together with the fact that he fires off his opinions and responses like a AK-47, without thinking at times, he only compounds his already deficient manner of communicating.

When some like the Commander and Chief (CAC), not to be confused with the Commander-in-Chief (CIC), makes a mistake, it is really no big deal. When the President of the USA stumbles, everyone in the world knows it.

I wonder if PDT ever considered using spell check? It is a great tool.

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CIC                                                            CAC

I know one of the people that was instrumental in invented spell check when he worked for Micro-Soft. I thank him every time I see him. I wood be lost without it.


It is not that serious of an infraction when someone makes a mistake; we are all human or claim to be. What is serious, is when they will not admit it. The acknowledgement of a mistake does not have to be public; private is OK.  But the willingness to correct it is the only solution.

PDT is the kind of guy that is constantly firing back without any forethought. That is very apparent by what we hear him say in his commentaries and especially with his ever-so dangerous/constant companion, his tweeting machine.

I will stand by my opinions that PDT is a great patriot, has the best interest of the USA in his heart (as he sees it), wants to right a lot of wrongs that have been ingrained in our political and judicial systems, wants to make America great again (Good Luck with that) BUT, always the BIG BUT; in many areas he is a fish out of water. He is in an entirely different element than he is used to.  If he thought he was under the microscope before he put his hand on the bible; he did not have a clue.

We all know that PDT loves the camera and micro-phone but I have to assume with all of the negativity being thrown at him and the Boulder Rolling, they have to be getting to him.


For most of his life, PDT has been either the Little Prince or the King Pin and was not used to being criticized or called on the carpet for something wrong he said or did. When he is, the blond hair on the back of his neck stands up and he fires back without thinking. That bad habit is his own worst enemy, many times results in him coming off the wrong way.

PDT being PDT is so much into himself for him to admit that he is wrong with just about anything.  He has made some nasty/disparaging remarks along the way and refuses to admit them. Not a good attribute for a man in his position.

I am sure if PDT was asked: should a person be man enough to admit when they made a mistake; I know his answer would be. Absolutely!! BUT, always the BIG BUT; in many cases, PDT does not practice what he preaches.

I can compare him to a guy that was caught red-handed cheating on his wife but refuses to admit it.

Let us all hope for the sake of the country, he gets a handle on his position in all areas and tries to clean them up.

Listen to Brenda PDT. You will fell better in the morning.

Tht abut rps up ths pst fore tuday. I Bigly apoligise fore any splng misteaks I mde tru yers.  I wil mke a Bigly efort to bee mre viglent in th futre.

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