Land of Pine Trees – excessive rain and droves of PC-pathetics

FOX News

Court shouldn’t have ruled against high school football coach who lost his job for praying

In the Land of Pine Trees – excessive rain and many PC-pathetics, as in many other parts of the country, this PC obsession has gone way past a passing fancy. It is more like a highly infectious disease that is out of control.

I am not particularly a religious person but my beliefs or disbelief’s should not permit me to judge or govern what other people believe in or how they lead their lives.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against Joe Kennedy – a high school football coach in the state of Washington. The court said Kennedy properly lost his job when he refused a school district order to stop praying on the 50-yard-line of the Bremerton High School football field after games.

To really exaggerate this situation and demonstrate just how mentally challenged and ridiculous the school and judge are; Kennedy quietly prayed for seven years and no one ever complained. He never invited anyone to pray with him. Often, he would pray at midfield alone.


I certainly am not a Perry Mason (Iron Sides); I think if Kennedy wants to pursue the issue, he could wind-up owning half of the school district.


Who was the man bother except some Pathetic-PC’ers that have nothing better to do but bust someone’s balls that does not subscribe to their miserable way of life.

Remember the  _40732471_swastika_203; their movement began the same way


If Kennedy was insisting or forcing his team to pray, went against school policy, that would have been a different story.

Folks; this was the premise of the Taliban – ISIS and the rest of the monstrous fanatical  terrorists when  they first came on the scene, trying to force their beliefs on others as the PC-ers in this country are doing.

Sadly; from what I see, the pathetic fools are gaining a lot of ground. Every-time we turn around, another flake judge or ruling authority sides in the PC-ers favor.

Optimistically; the Supreme Courts with the new people PDT is and will appoint, will bring back some civility, sanity and common-sense back to our country.

At one time, the Silent Majority used to exist in the USA; had a strong voice and had a backbone. Today it is almost non-existent.  I am starting to believe that they are as pathetic as the PC-ers are. If anyone does not stand up for themselves, they are either cowards or agree with the opposing side.  I will take doors # 1 and 2.

I am  hoping sooner then later someone gets a handle on this PC nonsense but as strong as it has become, I have my reservations.


If that is not your thing, don’t try to prevent others from doing so!! Did we forget what the word FREEDOM means??


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