All of the hype paid off

Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor: boxer beats UFC star in superfight – as it happened

Asking McGregor to fight Mayweather without his ability to use all of his weapons is like asking David to meet up with Goliath without his sling-shot. Pure and absolute nonsense.  We are not fairly comparing who is the better pugilist between sports.

McGregor was not able to use his foot, leg and elbow techniques as he should have been.

From what I read it was a decent fight. The fans got their monies worth that watched it on Pay per view. The suckers that paid between 5 G’s and 79 G’s at the venue, their proclivities can speak for themselves.

Just in case there are fight fans out there that still believe in the tooth fairy; this picture tells a thousand punches. It is ALL about the hype, $oldi andbull.


I can say with a good degree of certainty; If McGregor was able to utilize all of his weapons, it would have been a much different out-come.

Although this was not a championship fight, as a rule of thumb; fighters have to go up the ladder of winnings in-order to qualify to fight the champ. This match was put together strictly as a money maker (as they all are) and can be compared to the hypothetical movie Creed.

Everything is speculation except for one thing. The real winner in this fight was the backers and promoters.

Stay tuned folks. As I am hitting two keys at a time with my big fingers, there are other promoters out there that are setting up similar contests.

I will always stand by my opinion; if both fighters are on the top of their respective games and allowed to utilize all of their weapons; the MMA will win 98% of the time. 

If anyone doubts my opinion; the next time you are at a swimming pool, have someone handcuff your hands behind you back and then shove you in the pool.

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