Can Donald ever trump the press????

This love-hate or hate-hate relationship has been burning for a couple of years now between the liberal media and PDT. Is there or will there be a clear winner when all the dust settles? I doubt it. One thing I do know, there are 1,000’s against one.

I did a post the other day stating that sometimes it is better to let the fire die down instead of continually stoking it.  I would recommend that PDT takes that advice and allows the turmoil to settle down naturally.  If he does that, sooner or later the press will get discouraged and ride into the sunset.

Let a sleeping dog lie

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PDT has to understand; no matter what he does he is going to get criticized for it from 50 different angles. Sometimes when a ball buster is ignored, they will eventually get discouraged and go away.

For all intents and purposes, it is one man against 98% of the media. Like Kenny Rogers said; he has to now when to hold and when to fold.

PDT may win a few battles but in the long run, the media will win the war.  There are just too many against one.

I am not suggesting that PDT capitulates; I am suggesting he just IGNORE them.

THE MAN should be using all of the energy he is expending playing GET BACK on useful and more worthy issues for the country.

Just like when he was running for office. I was very tired of hearing him talk about all of his money and success. It is time for him to shut off his hearing aids and get down to more meaningful and serious business.

Needless to say, there is are a lot of issues out there that are more worthy of a president’s attention and energy than who is breaking his goolunies.  He had to know that gooluine smashing was a big part of the game when he threw his hat into the ring.

One of PDT’s major hang-ups is; he is not used to being said no to and he does not like it.  He better get used to it, there is a lot more one the way.

That being said; In many areas, I think PDT is doing a great job trying to keep our nation safe and reignite the workforce. Are there mistakes being made? Absolutely BUT always the BIG BUT he is trying.

I don’t know how accurate it is but I have seen fewer texts coming for that little machine he loves so much. That is a good thing.

Remember all of you Boulder Rollers. Who would you rather be in a foxhole with, PDT or Bill’s bride?  We always have to consider that alternative in all situations.



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