Put them on the Tele

Lawyer calls to investigate Arkansas execution after inmate convulsed before dying

I think all executions should be televised to serve as a possible deterrent for other criminals or for the younger gang bangers that are climbing the ladder in the life of crime. If they have any brains at all; they might not want to wind up laying on the table waiting for their last cocktail.


Williams was sentenced to death for killing a former deputy warden, Cecil Boren, after he escaped from prison in 1999. At the time of his escape in a 500-gallon barrel of hog slop, Williams was less than three weeks into a life term for the death of a college cheerleader.


An Associated Press reporter who witnessed the execution said that about three minutes in, Williams’ body jerked 15 times in quick succession — lurching violently against the leather restraint across his chest — then the rate slowed for a final five movements.

Williams’ attorneys released a statement calling witness accounts “horrifying” and demanding an investigation into what they called the “problematic execution.”

Only 3 minutes of suffering? The guy got a bargain. I wonder how long the deputy and the cheerleader suffered before they took their final breath?  How horrified were the two of them when Williams executed them?

It seems to me, all of the sympathy goes toward the killer and not the victim. Their names are not even mentioned when the hammer drops. Williams and thugs like him get exactly what they deserve when they are put to death.

I wonder how sympathetic the bleeding hearts would be if it were one of their family members that were the victim. As foolish as some of the are; it may not matter to them.


Save the Klean X for when you blow your nose.


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