Donny Buddy;I know a broad who ….

Donny Buddy;
I know a broad who is a family member; I told her on more than one occasion; you only open your mouth when you shouldn’t. Get the drift???
Whether you figured it out or not, after these debates are over, this will be when the public count all of their marbles and rolls them into the circle of the support for the person they feel is best suited to sit in the Big Chair.
Donald claims was “holding back” during the faceoff because he “didn’t want to do anything to embarrass” Clinton. That comment came after blaming debate moderator Lester Holt of NBC News for being tough on him earlier in the day.
Since when has  Trump been known for holding back or worried about embarrassing anyone?
“For 90 minutes I watched her very carefully and I was also holding back. I didn’t want to do anything that embarrassed her,” Trump said Tuesday. “For 90 minutes, she argued against change, while I called for dramatic change. We have to have dramatic change.”
Donny; as I said in my post yesterday, you have to continue to do what got you to this point, only do it with a little diplomacy and a little less panache.
Mostly everyone knows about the issues that plague the USA and what needs to be done. You have to attack this women’s background, creditability and poor performance but do it gracefully and not with a vengeance. Gotta be in control.
You have to be like the master baker that made a marvelous cake. He is spreading the frosting like a virtuoso playing the violin; caressing the top of the cake with his spatula. As soon as the cake is totally relaxed and unsuspecting because of the delicate massage, then he plunges the knife into the  middle of the cake and open it up.
I thought when BB mentioned what a great job her hubby did as president, that was the opportune time Trump was waiting for. The door was wide open but he didn’t go in.
It is BB’s mission to bring up all the dirt she can, even if she makes some of it up as she is notorious for doing, to destroy Trump and he does not want to embarrass her??? That doesn’t figure.
It is not tooooo late. How many people remember what happened in the 1st – 2nd or 3rd quarter of a football game?? Hardly anyone. What they do remember is the 4th and final quarter and the score.
If Trump wants to win the election, he has to come out firing in the 2nd – 3rd and 4th quarters of the 2 remaining debates and play for all the marbles.
I think that Trump was given some bad advice in the first go round. Knowing that his over the top sarcasm cost him dearly earlier in his campaign, he was walking on egg shells.  We didn’t see the real Trump.
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That kind and considerate methodology isn’t going to cut it. He has to go for the jugular but do it with precision and finesse.
Touch lightly on the issues but has to focus on BB’s lack of credibility – her obsessive lying – the cronyism that has protected her through all of her unethical practices – all of the major mistakes she made while she was the Secretary of State, many of which cost Americans their lives.
How much ammo does he need???
Brian Williams did EXACTLY what BB did and he got the boot.
General Petreaus did a lot less than BB did and he was severely  punished.

The list is endless, depending on how far back we want to dig.
How much ammo do you need Donny??????
After Trump touches on these disgraceful activities; he has to look dead into the camera and say to the American people – is this who you want as president of the United States???? 
I will repeat my offer Donny; I am still available for a couple of months. Gotta out-fox the foxette but do it with style and dignity.

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  1. Rifleman III says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Outfox her by having someone with a radio frequency detector pointed at her and find out if she is wired. Then in front of everyone, call her out. Make her remove the device, then start the debate. She will immediately go to “sound bite” mode.

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