Impartial??? NOT

Lester Holt spins debate for Hillary six huge ways, plays ‘Gotcha’ with Trump

I have always maintained that a person should be good at whatever  they do or find another occupation.

If they are a thief, be a good one – a cook, be a good one – an ambulance chaser, be a good one – a doctor, be a good one – a nurse, be a good one – a good politicians (rare as hen’s teeth)  or a moderating newscaster, be a good one.

Lester Holt hiccupped  real good on that account last night, just when he was starting to get real famous.  Besides being very obvious with his demeanor by leaning toward BB, Les made his partiality  very obvious to people who were paying attention  to the debate.

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One man’s misfortune  is another man’s fortune. It is a good thing for Les that his buddy Brian Williams got shit canned for exaggerated story-telling  (some people may call it bull-shitting) or he wouldn’t have  gotten the break he did.

To start with, (National Biscuit Company) and a few of the others agencies are so biased against Trump that it is ridiculous. In essence, The Donald had two opponents/adversaries on stage last night; BB and Les.

Even Helen Keller could see that Brother Les chose his sides before the broadcast even started last night.  It was very apparent that he was giving BB more slack than Trump in the time allotted for the questions and not cutting her off when he should have. He also pressed Trump harder on some questions than he did BB.

It is a good thing that Fox News is as fair and balanced as it is; if not Trump would be standing in the Sahara Desert in 125-degree temperatures all alone.  Fox is the only news media that gives him a fair shake if he deserves it but also will criticize him if necessary. Trump gets no support from any other news media expect Fox and naturally – The Goomba Gazette


Donny; gotta to get a little more aggressive and nasty in the next round. Let that sarcasm you use so well fly at the appropriate time but try to do it with diplomacy. I am sure you will come out on top.

This event is BB’s last hurrah. If she gets the ax in this contest, we may never see her again.

I still can’t believe that those two gladiators  shook hands before and after the battle, especially when the other person called them everything but a white guy!!! Seems a little hypocritical.

Round two will be a lot better.




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