Why not??

Russians tell US to remove warplanes from Syria, senior official says:

Why not??

If the Judo Guy’s intentions are on the up and up as they can be questionable at times; if he is really determined to wipe out ISIS from Syria; why not give him the green light and cooperate with him.

The major consideration is; are the Judo Guy’s intentions legitimate? Does he really want to take out ISIS or is he just helping one of his allies so he can take over the country?

We can see by the picture of Mr. O and Putin that there is no love lost between the two men.  I think one of their major setbacks is they are both running on high-octane ego.


Putin is looking at Obama’s hand like he has one of those vibrating buzzer in it and is reluctant to shake.

One of the major downfalls any man or a women can have is to let their ego get in the way of their better judgement. A person cannot think rationally when the ego devil is sitting on their shoulder whispering to tell the other guy to fuck off. Yeah; presidents and all heads of state use that  very common word.

Val (that is what his close friends call him) allegedly is sending troops into Syria to try and wipe out ISIS and is concerned that the American war planes bombing Syria will jeopardize his operation, shoot down some of his planes and possible kill some of his people

Why shouldn’t Obama cooperate with him, if there is no deception tied into Putin’s suggestion or maybe we can call it a command?

Figures show that it costs the USA 9 – 10 million a day to bomb ISIS. I am sure Mr. O and congress can find a better way to spend that money. That only calculates to $3,285,000,000.00 a year; peanuts to a politician in the larger scheme of things.

Possibly they can start using some of the money the country squanders to try and EDUCATE or citizens. I don’t know if anyone read that in Chicago the other day there were 14 people shot in 15 hours; of the 14 shot, 6 people died. I would say that should be a legitimate concern. Gun control is not the answer; EDUCATION is.

If these people and their parents were EDUCATED from infancy on the responsible way to lead their lives, possibly we wouldn’t have these out of control situations.

I know I sound like a broken record with this EDUCATION thing I keep harping on but EDUCATION is the only real means to a positive solution. I will continue to stand on my soap box and shout it out.


It would be a blessing if Obama and Putin could settle their differences; the entire world would benefit by it .

Realistically; there is not a problem that exists that cannot be settled if all parties concerned truly want a solution, get their heads out of their ass and come up with plan.

Money and power is always at the root of the problem and there is plenty of that to go around for everyone. The trouble being, there are more than a few power drivengreedy mothers on this earth that want all of the pie instead of just a slice.

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