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Why not??

Russians tell US to remove warplanes from Syria, senior official says: Why not?? If the Judo Guy’s intentions are on the up and up as they can be questionable at times; if he is really determined to wipe out ISIS … Continue reading

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And the beat goes on at Sochi but very slowly

Things are looking worse and worse for Vladimir as the starting date for the Olympics closes in on him in three day. Aside from all of his obvious faults there are a couple things that can be said for Putin. … Continue reading

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I say it will be a bust

Olympic Fears Rattle Athletes and Families: I say that Putin is going to have a big flop on his hands. So far he has spent the equivalent of 59 billion dollars and hasn’t sold one bratwurst sandwich or one glass … Continue reading

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There is now way Vladimir will accept help

Europeans on alert after Olympic athletes in Sochi receive terror warnings: There is some conversation on Pennsylvania Ave that Obama wants to send Putin some military assistance in case of a terrorists attack at the Olympics Games by sending security … Continue reading

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Hopefully not another Munich

The Russian Olympics may be a trip to the “bone yard” for the athletes and some people that attend Putin’s pet project. Putin is as obsesses with the 2014 Olympic Games as much as Obama is with Obama-Care. Both men … Continue reading

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