The Italian Stallion came out swinging

Fox News

Christie rallies GOP in convention keynote with tough-love ‘truth-telling’ message:

It may be coming all together for The Mitt.

The Italian Stallion from New Jersey made a very big slash at the Republican convention last night. If his hands were tied behind his back he would not be-able to talk.

It seems that in the past few months Romney has shown a new side to himself and finally came out of his shell with guys like Christie behind him.

With his running mate Paul Ryan on board the Massachusetts mauler has emerged as a very strong opponent of Obama. I guess the sleeping giant was always there; he just needed some to play reveille for him.

I watched an interview with Mitt and his family the other day and what they came off as was one great American family.

Romney has 5 sons and 18 grandchildren between them that all seem to have grown up with great values passed on to them by their parents.

Ann Romney is the backbone of the family as in most old style American homes. She held down the fort while her husband was out supporting his family; something he did very well. Let’s not hold that against him. Anyone that does is just envious. They didn’t always have money; they did it the hard way and working of it.

The Romney family lives in a multi-million dollar home with no maids, butlers, cooks or housekeepers; something they can very well afford but chose to be private and independent people.

As I said before; I don’t entirely agree with all of Mitt’s stands on issues but he seems like the shot in the arm America needs to get us out of this disastrous downhill slide we are in. We need a person in the Oval Office that is going to bring our country back to the fundamental values that the USA was founded on.

Obama and his henchmen have conducted the most salacious campaign in American history. To me that is a signpost of what type of values and integrity a man has and an indicator of someone who is desperate and will stoop to any lows and lies to discredit his opponent.

This morning I watched CNN News and saw what I thought were two jealous, snide female news commentators giving their interpretation of what they thought Ann Romney is all about.

They were a very close second to Hillary Rosen that said “the next time she hears a women say that she is a stay at home mom she will slap her in the face”. I could almost see the venom coming out of their fangs. It looked similar to a Dracula movie where Dracula was salivating in anticipation of biting into his next victim. They should be ashamed of themselves. There is nothing on this earth worse than a envious, vindictive women.

Eat your hearts out “girls”. A good news anchor should always have a good poker face.

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