Pepe Le Pew

Washington Post

France urges action in Syria:

Bertrand Langlois/AP – French President Francois Hollande became the first Western leader to call on Syria’s rebel movement to form a provisional government, putting additional pressure on President Obama to back the diplomatic gambit or authorize U.S. military action to protect civilians.

Old Pepe Le Pew is pretty generous with Americans lives, money and how we make our military commitments. With some of the politicians we have in office and their poor decision making, we certainly don’t need any outsider pushing us into another war.

I don’t see Mr. Le Pew volunteering his country to straighten out the massacres in Syria; he is suggesting that the USA do the dirty work. That is very bighearted of the new French president.

If military action is taken to protect the civilians in Syria it should be a United Nations effort with all of its members, no exceptions; based on a percentage of their countries populations, to determine how much financially and militarily each country should contribute. This should have been a precedent set many years ago instead of the USA and The UK consistently bearing the majority of the burden.

I am still trying to determine exactly what the United Nations does?

France has been known to be very shifty when it comes to some of their obligations and commitments  through the years.

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