Batman – Robin is in the building

The New Gun in town:

We can almost compare going from a congressman in WI. to the Vice President of the USA to;  getting out of kindergarten and going right into pro-football. It is a very big transition especially for a guy that comes from small town USA.

Paul Ryan was born and raised in Janesville, Wi. a little burg where I am sure that there were more kids  going to catechism classes and playing with their erector sets than there were guys playing “buck buck how many fingers up” in the school yard and beating on each-other.

The catechism class helped develop Ryan into the man he is today, a stand-up American with strong family values and deep respect for mankind. Just what we need.

On the other side of the coin, getting bounced around and getting your butt kicked once and awhile is very therapeutic and is just as or maybe more important than  catechism classes are based on the new venture Ryan is undertaking in his life. I hope Paul did get kicked around a little bit; it is good for the soul and a hell of an educator.

I have an old cliche that I used many times in my life that may be hard for someone to understand. “A person needs to know more how to take a punch than to give one”!

Book sense and intelligence are two very important element in our lives but what is going to make a person survive in the vicious world we live in; especially in the halls of DC, is an abundance of street sense, very tough skin and knowing how to take a punch; than coming back with the knock out punch.

I think that “Batman and Robin” have what it takes to get the job done. They just have to let it all hang out and go for the TKO.

Ryan came across in his speech last night in couple different lights. He was the nice guy that loves his family and gave his mother the credit for the man he is today and secondly a husband and father that is very close to his family.

Next he was the caged up Lion that was suddenly unleashed when he found the cage door was left open and took the Tiger by the tale and shoot straight from the hip. Ryan went directly after Obama and didn’t pull any punches. He can’t wait for the debate with Joe Biden.

I don’t know how anyone that has not been living under a rock for the last 3.5 years can’t see all of the short-coming of the present administration. The debate between Ryan and Biden should be a slam dunk for Ryan as long as he keeps his cool and does not let the seasoned street fighter rattle him.

There is absolutely no defense Biden can use for the miserable performance of the Obama administration since 2008.

It should be a very interesting debate and I hope Biden is at his best; which is usually puts him at his worst.

I give 1 ¾ thumbs up for Paul Ryan in his address to the nation last night. There were a few things he should have avoided but all in all did a super job.

I hope the Republicans get off the “dead horse” of “you didn’t build that”; it is getting old.

It is like the commercial that Ford has with the “Dirty Job” guy that they play over and over. Enough is enough. It is time to doctor it up and come up with a new one.

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