Cowards of the county

USA Today

Hundreds rally to protest attack on three black women at U. of Albany:

10 – 12 big and tough male would-be bad assed white cowards attacked 3 black ladies as they waited at a bus stop in up-state New York. The ladies are students at State University in Albany.

Did these BOYS think that it would take a dozen of them to beat up three ladies?? Evidently so.

What in the hell would ever possess a dozen ass holes to attack 3 female students is way beyond me.  All I can think of is total ignorance and cowardliness.


Are these demonstrators with-in their rights to protest?  Absolutely yes; I just hope they can keep it peaceful. Two wrongs do not make one right.

The punks payback will be when they get thrown into the slams and some of the brothers and the white inmates put the boots to them. One one regardless of what race they are approves of seeing women abused.


For their dastardly deed, they all absolutely deserve the coward of the year award.

Commander and Chief

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