What’s the secret to a happy marriage? One simple word

Instead of looking for mistakes, look for things you can appreciate and say ‘thank you’ for


The real answer/solution to a long marriage is – our eyes get bad and we can’t see what is going on around us – our hearing gets worse, and we shut out all of the badgerings/nagging – arguing becomes old hat – don’t have the energy for them, we get too old and too tired to dispute/argue over irrelevant/the same old crazy shit – what seems so important way back when, now seems too trivial to get excited about; Who the fuck really cares!!!

These are the elements that make longevity in the matrimonial department last so long. Throw little love – some trim on rare occasions, you don’t continually have to say I love you, it is more important to show it – in the mix, kindness a little understanding, and compassion should do the trick. Thank you (to start off with our two words) are not the magic pills that allow marriages to last 50 years.

There is a little four letter phrase, if done voluntarily,  that also helps with a long-lasting marriage. TAKE OUT THE GARBAGE.

One of their telltale conditions that is an indicator a marriage will last a long time, is when the guy is sitting on a THRONE reading the Pent House Magazine, sweating, moaning and grunting, pinching a big one while his old lady is brushing her teeth at the sink,or reverse Now that is what I call togetherness and TRUE LOVE.

Man to the lady honey THANK YOU for using the air freshener, you were killing me.

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