PPP = Pathological Pathetic President ……

President Biden felt the wrath of the Twitter ratio Saturday after he claimed “MAGA” Republicans want to cut federal funding for border security.

“MAGA House Republican proposals would slash funding for border security – a move that could allow nearly 900 pounds of fentanyl into the country.

This mentally disturbed pathological bullshitter will say anything to try to deceive the public. It must be very sad when a person goes through their entire life lying through their teeth. The guy is an absolutely worthless piece of alligator excrement.

Everything is a photo opp to this bum.


Biden and Democrats blocked Republican efforts to hire 18,000 Border Patrol agents. They hired 87,000 IRS agents instead.

It would be very tough to do but I think I would have to refuse to shake hands with the bastard. Even though I knew by high noon I would not be on the government payroll.

Kamikaze has no sense of urgency or where are places his priorities. In his fucked up deranged mind, shown by his action, it is more important to have the IRS hunt people than it is to keep illegal drugs and illegal immigrants, some of which have very questionable backgrounds, out of this country. That tells you where his priorities lie. He has none.

His entire life is one big lie. How he has gotten away with it for so long it’s the mystery of the century.

Like J Edgar Hoover, the sissy that detested sissies, Kamikaze must have a huge black book of many of the people in the government bending over in the men’s room, to maintain his status as long as he has.

There are no words in any dictionary in the world to define this bum.

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