Holy Toledo Batman – brilliant deduction ….

DC police chief offers simple solution to get homicide rates down: ‘Keep violent people in jail’

The D.C. Council Chairman just pulled legislation Monday that would have reduced maximum penalties and abolished minimum penalties for various crimes

Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee gave a simple solution for what Washington, D.C., can do differently to get homicides down Monday: “Keep violent people in jail.” 

No shit Sherlock. I’ve been saying this from day one about these crazy M-fers in this country that do not believe in giving the most severe punishment for crimes committed, or for that matter, some, no punishment at all

What these progressive sons of a bitches have developed is far superior monster than Godzilla that is highballing it out of control.

If there comes a time in your life when you are forced to relinquish something under duress, you better know before you do it, once you give it up you will never get it back.T

This very same thing applies to our freedom and independence. Like Mexico has found out, once you relinquish your power, and your authority, you make the enemy much much stronger and you will never retrieve the ground you lost. So goes the United States in so many critical areas.

It’s like lending your Stumblebum brother-in-law a $1000 and expect to get it back. You should have never given it to him in the first place. Once you let up on lawlessness by allowing let it fall into mass chaos, continue to let it snowball, chances of stopping or turning that runaway train are very minimal If not impossible.

Since I have been posting on WordPress I can comfortably say that I have been right on the money with about a 75 to 90% rating on my accurate predictions.

I do not see this thing turning around. It is gone too long and too far to put it in reverse. The same thing is happening in our country that it is in Mexico where the fuckin banditos have taken control of the country. Put that in your marijuana pipe and smoke it.

I don’t like to put the Maloochio/whammies on anybody, but I sincerely hope that these people that foster this type of law enforcement/way of life become victims themselves of the insane laws that they are trying to impose on the United States.

If we want justice, we have to take all of these accommodating pricks out into the backyard and take care of business. Once they’re all gone, our problem is resolved and the chief can go on with his sworn duties.

Conte is probably a very good person that is well-intended and wants to do his job, but because of the pressures put on many of the police chiefs in the United States by the wacky bastards that signed their paycheck, they are between a rock and a hard place.

We saw similar conditions in Seattle where the police chief finally, out of desperation, had to resign her position because she could not get any cooperation from Of the progressive bastards in City Hall to uphold the law. Whatever happened to this once beautiful country and what it regressed to???

Because she could not get any cooperation from City Hall

This good woman was forced to resign her position. Looking back at it, she was 100% right. She could no longer continue the work for brain-dead fucking idiots that were causing the destruction of their once beautiful city.

Is this what the fucking progressive socialist bastards think progress should looks like??

Take them all in the Back 40 where the hangman trees grow, give the taste of their own medicine. Essentially that is what they are doing is killing the country.

Is my method/message of getting across a little harsh?? Fuck yeah, it is, but it’s a solution. Would you rather take a cold-hearted step to correct the problem or sit back and watch these monsters destroy the country?? To me, the choices are a foregone conclusion and long overdue.

I hope that chief Conte and some of the other mentally stable enforcement authorities across the country join together, get all the support that they need to POSSIBLY make a reversal to our current conditions. My opinion, I don’t think they’ll get the support.

There are too many people behind this movement that are making gigantic amounts of money and will continue to do so. Their big payoff will come with an enormous amount of financial, power and control, the day the USA becomes a socialist state.

All of these hypocritical bastards like (TMC) Barack Obama will be looking down from their $10 million castles laughing at all the people that supported them. It’s so ironic to me that these vermin who spearheaded the anti-capitalist movement have benefited immensely from what they hate so much.

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