Just what the world needs …..


Scientists have revived a ‘zombie’ virus that spent 48,500 years frozen in permafrost

There is no doubt in my mind; the scientists who found this a zombie virus that’s been dormant for nearly 50,000 years, they will keep prodding and poking and maneuvering this thing until the fuckin zombie wakes up. Isn’t that what scientists do??

Possibly, if they get stuck on the project, they can always call JAWS (Fauci) for assistance.

CNN — 

Warmer temperatures in the Arctic are thawing the region’s permafrost — a frozen layer of soil beneath the ground — and potentially stirring viruses that, after lying dormant for tens of thousands of years, could endanger animal and human health.

I say no shit, leave well enough alone. Put the son of a bitch back where you found it and then blow the whole area up with about two cases of TNT. The world has got enough on its plate right now, let alone dealing with some 50,000-year-old potential killer.

But like everything else on the edge, their curiosity is what drives these super sleuth scientists.get involved in, Many times they really have no idea when they’ve crossed the threshold into dangerous areas.

Don’t go where you don’t belong

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