Think you had a bad day at work – think again ….

The director of a leading German ballet company is being investigated by police and has been fired for smearing dog feces on a critic’s face after taking offense to a review she wrote.

According to journalist Wiebke Hüster, Marco Goecke, the head of Hanover State Opera’s ballet company, verbally attacked her during the intermission of a ballet premiere performance. The confrontation seems to have been spurred by a previous review that Hüster had written, Hüster said.

The altercation escalated to the point where one of the combatants smeared dog shit in the other one’s face.

As far as I see, this had to be part of an ongoing feud between the two. Why would anyone carry dog shit around in a plastic bag unless they had a nefarious mission in mind?

THE MAD SHIT SLINGR Goecke apologized to Hüster and all affected for his “absolutely unacceptable action,”

“In retrospect, I clearly realize that this was a shameful act in the heat of the moment and an overreaction,” following a “nervous strain of two premieres in quick succession” in The Hague on February 9 and in Hanover on Saturday, he added

SOOOO, when you think you had a bad day at work – think again. Beware of the freaks walking around with plastic bags. the new weapon of choice for the nut cases.

This guy must have a real vendetta going on.

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