Single shot Ma Ma – taking out the garbage ……

Elderly Florida woman shoots armed intruder dead at 3 am: ‘Decisive action stopped the threat’

Reginald Best, 64, died from the single gunshot wound at a nearby hospital

Move over Calamity Jane and Annie Oakley, the female Florida Sharp Shooter is in town.

This is the way that criminal activity should be handled. I call it civil justice. It is fast, it is final, no cost to the taxpayers, no bond needed, nothing except one copper-headed bullet, and sets a standard for the rest of the thieving scumbags out there.

I can bet that Reggie boy regreted the day he picked that house to rob. I say good riddance to the sons a bitch. All it took was one shot to put this bastard into jail-bird heaven. There should be more incidents like this that may send a message to future thieves to think twice before they pick the wrong house.

“This call for service is a perfect example of why I continue to support and fight daily for the rights of law-abiding residents to own firearms,” Putnam County Sheriff H.D. ‘Gator’ DeLoach said in a statement, adding that all firearm owners “have a responsibility not only to themselves, but also to their families to maintain proficiency with a gun, as our victim here today clearly has.”


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