RED FLAGS – WTF can we really trust ??????? No one ……

Powerball drawing for $1.9 billion jackpot delayed due to security protocol issue

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton warned, ‘Counting ballots after Election Day undermines voter confidence.’

# 1 – The cash estimate for the current Powerball jackpot is $929.1 million

# 2 – Karine Jean-Pierre blasted for warning it may take ‘a few days’ to count votes: ‘This insanity has to stop’

It is pathetic and upsetting that there is really no one or anything we can put our faith and trust in anymore. WTF can we really trust?? Not the government or even a simple lottery drawing where the machines do all the work electronicly. The results in both cases should be instantanious.

With the stakes so high in both areas, the first thing that comes to my suspicious mind when the officials start backpeddling, is the fix is on. My batting average is about 800.

There has to be some sort of undercover, or back door activity going on so the thieves can make sure the outcome is favorable to them.

I would not believe this buckwheat looking fast-talking broad if she told me she was a black lady with red kinky hair. She is even tough to look at.

Hell no – she ain’t no kin to me

Just like in the presidential election campaign; the Democratic Party must have a hard time putting their top people in the forefront as a candidate. Last ditch effort, they picked Joe Biden as the best man they could find to run for the presidential position and followed suit all the way down the line with every other pick they made, even their spokesman.

Buckwheat’s cousin is shameful, not even a good liar, she is not the least bit believable or likable. I have no idea why they even hold press conferences. The puppets will only answer the easy questions and refused to answer the hard questions that may incriminate them.

A 1/2 baked explanation by the lottery Commission was given; they said that they had to wait for the results of a few states to come in before they could announce the winning numbers.

Once again, I never claimed to be the super brain, BUTT, I don’t know if I’m missing something: WTF difference does it make as to how many tickets were bought in each state if the ticket sales have no bearing on the actual drawn numberws???

Here we go folks common sense once again. If there were only two tickets sold in each state rather than billions, the numbers pulled would still be the same. I always said if you’re gonna bullshit, at least be a good bullshitter.

Just like I don’t believe that the presidential election or any other elections are 100% on the up and up. In the same token, I don’t believe that the outcome of a lottery drawing is 100%. There have been many times and has been proven that it was fixed.

A jackpot-rigging scandal is forgotten as Powerball fever sweeps the United States

Image without a caption

By Niraj Chokshi

January 10, 2016 at 9:20 a.m. EST

Don’t tell me it cannot be done and don’t tell me it hasn’t been done. Anytime there are big $$$$$$$$ at stake, the rats start crawling from under the woodwork to get there dirty thieving fingers in the pie.

Just like it is not my imagination; if I am doing a post on a sensitive issue many times the spelling or interpretation of what I am writing about changes automatically. I don’t know if it Google is behind the alterations or some other left wing sympathizer. I have to read and reread each article I do before posting it. I do not think it’s my imagination. Can a post be fixed or altered, absolutely yes, have they been, very hard to tell, but I would not doubt it. 

Same o same o goes for an election or a lottery drawing. Folks, the little guy does not have a fucking prayer.

I’d better hurry and get this posted so I could run out and buy my Mega ball ticket for tonight.

UPDATE: One hour ago:

Powerball: Lottery officials announce winning numbers … – CNN › 2022/11/08 › powerball-lottery-re…

1 hour ago — Officials have finally announced the winning numbers for the record $2.04 … The winning numbers are 10-33-41-47-56 and the Powerball was 10.

The winning numbers drawn at least 12 hours ago and it took them that long to post it. Does that sound suspicious to you?? If not, it should!!!

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