A gift from Uncle Obama ……

Iran is preparing to send additional weapons including ballistic missiles to Russia to use in Ukraine, western officials say.

Obama should apologize for shameful cash payment to Iran

https://thehill.com › opinion › white-house › 477666-o…

Jan 11, 2020 — Any honest assessment would conclude that Iran used at least part of America’s massive payment to finance terrorist attacks.

Where do you think Iran got all of the funds to build its arsenal of weapons?? If you guessed anything other than from TMC, (AKA OBAMA) your answer was wrong.

He may have not contributed/gifted Iran with as much $$$ he is accused of, BUTT only 1 dead president would have been too much.

Now that the smoke is cleared and Iran got back into the black financially, TMC’s cousins are making weapons and supplying them to Russia as well as developing their own nuclear weapons. 1t is a vicious circle that the USA is trapped into it up to its neck in alligators because of its’ corruption public servants.

As we see there’s nothing better than supplying one of your adversaries with the necessary weapons they need to take you out.

I told this true story a few years back that is worth repeating. Two guys get into a fight at a bar, one of them pulls out a knife and the other guy said; Dude this is not fair I’m unarmed.

The guy with the knife goes outside, opens his trunk and pulls out a knife. He goes back into the bar, hands his unarmed adversary the knife and the adversary slices him to shreds. This Is essentially what TMC did and the SHEEP continue to adore hm.

Anti-American or stupid. possibly it can be a combination of both. Nobody could be that ignorant.

Until I get an intelligent/honest answer, probably never, I will keep AXING, whose side are these fools on anyway???

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