You come a long way baby ….

And they said that men were the only fools.

Published October 31, 2022 6:13pm EDT

Punches thrown at LSU-Ole Miss women’s soccer game during SEC tournament

Three players were issued red cards for their involvement in the brawl

RED CARD: Bench-clearing brawl breaks out at women’s college soccer game

Ladies – Control your tempers ladies it’s only a game.

Rocky Balboa; better watch your back boy, looks like you have some competition waiting in the wings.

The way some of these ladies we’re throwing hands, the authorities may have to do a pecker check on some of them to make sure they are not doing the transgender thing.

Equality, they sure have it, and much more. You come a long way baby.

For years the ladies have wanted equality across the board (as it should be); that must be true even in the ass-kicking/pugilistic department. Go get it girls.

Now get down and give me 20 ladies for unsportslady like conduct.

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