So you think things look bleak now, hold on to your bonnet .……

America’s ‘most dangerous’ law? Illinois candidate warns of ‘anarchy’ after criminal justice overhaul

New Illinois criminal justice reform bill may cause citizens to ‘take the law into their own hands,’ says congressional candidate

Why not try to run across on major highway at rush hour – why not stick your head into a red-hot furnace – why not deliberately walked into the propeller of an airplane – why not jump off of the Golden Gate Bridge – why not go skydiving without a parachute – why not jump head first into a volcano????

I have always tried to evaluate situations by using common sense. As hard as I try, and I do try to consider the other sides’ positions, there was absolutely no way in the world that I can follow or understand this idiotic progressive mentality. Absolutely none of it makes sense.

There is no question in my mind, the fools were behind these initiatives are absolutely trying to destroy the country.

No matter how you slice it, how you dress it up with condiments, or what you want to call it, it is still baloney. The people behind us are absolutely insane.

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It does not matter how finely you try to articulate or argue this point, it is still false, nonsense, or foolishness. Jim: “But you see, redistributing the …

The Illinois Safety, Accountability, Fairness and Equity-Today (SAFE-T) Act changes multiple parts of Illinois’ justice system with provisions like ending cash bail; limiting how flights determine whether defendants are flight risks; and allows defendants under electronic monitoring to leave home for 48 hours before they can be charged with escape.

There has to be something in the air or the water in Illinois and the rest of the cities that espouse to this action that is making them crazy. There is not one sensible/intelligent person in this country that can agree to those terms that only make conditions 100 times worse than they are.

I wish someone could explain to me if I’m wrong as to what their motivation is, except to burn the USA to the ground. I can not see it.

As bad as things are now across the country in the cities that are signatory, (it has been proven time and time again, their methods do not work). With this new criminal reform bill (if that is what you want to call it), all they are doing is pouring thousands of gallons of gasoline on a fire that is already out of control. WITF does common sense come into play??

I will compare what they’re doing with these new laws as an equivalent to what that brain-dead maniac Kamikaze Joe did when he opened the floodgates at the border, OUT OF CONTROL.  Actions like this are absolutely going to be the ruination of the USA. WTF does this insane mentality come from??

Business owners and property owners might as well just swing their doors wide open and allow the criminals to invade them.

What I am anxious to see is how they are going to handle the good citizens that are trying to protect their own lives and property when they killed these criminal bastards??

Naturally, based on what they’re doing now, the law is going to favor the criminal side. Like the poor young ladies/women that get raped and beaten, The judicial system is harder on them than on the perpetrators.

Unless a person is a multi zillionaire there really is no justice in this country, especially now except for the criminals.

The fools behind these initiatives, that called themselves the lawmakers are making our forefathers, the guys who wore the wigs, do summersaults in their graves.

This insanity is like a slow-growing cancer. It may not kill you right away, but left unattended and untreated the cancer will certainly come out the winner. It is just a matter of time.

I have to wonder, if the F-in jokers would digest some of what I wrote, would it finally turn on a light in their very dark attic?? I do not hold out too much hope for that.

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