Just what the country needs ….

Vance calls Ryan’s pledge to decriminalize ‘all drug possession’ a ‘slap in the face’ of victims’ families


That is just what the country needs more decriminalizing the penalty for people possessing any type of drug, no matter how lethal. The people behind/supporting this are (as my English cousins would say) blooming F-in idiots and off their rockers.

Possibly they have 3/4 of their family, including their mother and father in the slams for drug distribution, and are trying to get them out on an early release. Gotta have an ulterior motive, normal people are not as ignorant.

Fools like Ryan are just chipping away at what built this country, and kept it safe for so many years. brick by brick, stone by stone they are literally tearing down the walls that protected decent law-abiding citizens.

What is next, murder, rape, assault, vandalism, terrorist acts??

If the maniacs that support these laws are successful, the fools that support eliminating cops will win the war against crime because there won’t be any need for cops. The country will be wide open as the Wild West.

FIRST ON FOX: Ohio Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan was slammed by his opponent, Republican Senate candidate J.D. Vance, over his pledge to decriminalize the possession of all drugs while simultaneously pushing to label fentanyl a “weapon of mass destruction.”

Pete repeat: The only way the anti-Americans are going open their eyes (maybe) is for them or their family members to fall victim to the crimes that they are eliminating punishment for.  It is so easy to sit on the top of nob hill, dictating all these rules and regulations, but not having to get your feet wet and the repercussions affect you.

It’s still fascinating to me that so few have so much power that they can bamboozle so many.

Realistically the Renegades that are initiating these procedures may not be winning the overall war, but they certainly are winning many battles. if they are winning two out of 10 battles that is manageable  – if they are winning eight out of 10 battles the good guys are losing.

Remember my friend’s cancer has to be caught in its earliest stages in order to get a handle on it and eliminate it. That is the same principle as anarchy. Give them an inch they take a foot – give them a foot they take a yard – give them a yard they take a mile -give them a mile they have won the war. Don’t say it cannot be done.

Take a good look at all of the disruption in our school systems created by the scumbag progressive fools that want to warp our kids’ minds at a very young age. With all of the conversations and complaints about their modus operandi, how many changes are we seeing?? not many from where I’m sitting.

As my dear deceased friend, Mr. P would say; we have to grab hold to it. To me, it looks like freedom and the American way are increasingly slipping through our fingers day by day.

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