Why even bother arresting the scumbag ….

Texas man gets no jail time for beating girlfriend, killing their unborn child: report

The girlfriend’s lawyer said firearm surrender and domestic violence laws were useless if they were not being enforced

Tough guy (animal) severely beats his girlfriend, her unborn baby dies as a result.


Let’s put this in perspective – sadistic animal beats his pregnant girlfriend nearly to death, her unborn baby dies three months later from blunt force trauma as a result of the beating, animal gets arrested, spends a couple years in jail awaiting his trial, make some outrageous plea the whacked out judge accepts, penalty, no prison time.

Why we AXE WTFIGO??? That is just about the way the entire judicial system works these days. and they wonder why the recidivism rate is astronomical.

This country has no one to blame but itself for its stupidity and leniency toward criminals. Why worry about doing time when they are imbecilic judges on the bench that do not enforce any penalty at all for crimes like this.

The judicial fools in black robes really don’t understand that many criminals love to be incarcerated, it is like old home week. Many of their fathers are in the slams, their brothers, their cousins, their homies and possibly their mother and sister. It was like one big family reunion.

TV, air-conditioned cells, libraries, weight rooms, exercise facilities, three meals a day, and conjugal visits in some of the prisons are permitted. They did not have it this good on the outside. If put on death row, they stayed there for 20 years and eventually get their sentence reduced to life in prison. Tell me folks what the hell is the downside??

Here we go again with my favorite new cliche from doctor Phil McGraw. How is what you’re doing so far working out for you???

Do we think that the family of the victim should have a giant hard-on for the pathetic judicial system?? You bet your sweet ass??


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