Does Mike have the backbone for the job ???

Mike Pence just showed us how he’d run against Donald Trump

Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large

Updated 11:02 AM ET, Thu October 20, 2022

Unless I was not paying that much attention, and I don’t think so, M P did not show me very much. It seems to me he has a weak personality and a very timid guy. Maybe Clark Kent is hidden under that blue suit and he is an entirely different person???

We need someone sitting in THE BIG CHAIR that has some fire in their soul. someone with a great deal of diplomacy, yet someone that is very tough and seasoned that can handle any out-of-control situations that is thrown at them. Someone that is not rattled too easily and has a lot of composure, someone that does not run their mouth just for the sake of making noise. We have had too many of those characters in the past that have only put us in a deeper pit.

So the $64,000 question is;

Is Mike Pence qualified to take control of the disastrous conditions this country is now in and do whatever is necessary to straighten them out? We do not need someone that is wishy-washy and only ran for the position to boost to their ego.

Just wait till the recession hits at the end of this year. If you think conditions are bad now: you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Tough situations call for tough decisions and tough decisions have to be made by tough people. Just how tough is Pence?????

The way I see it now, I do not think I would vote for him. My sights are on Tulsi Gabbard, but not yet carved in stone.

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