They started the fire but don’t know how to put it out …

Is bussing migrants ethical? New Yorkers weigh in

Some New Yorkers say bussing migrants is inhumane while others support the move

These are the same fools that started the forest fire, now they don’t know how to put it out. As long as it’s burning down other cities and states, it’s fine with them, as soon as it spreads into their territory they get very irate and belligerent. Be careful of what you wish for. We can say the Malocchio they put on everyone else, has kicked back to them. I don’t wish them any bad luck, BUTT ……..

Common sense was thrown out the window when all of these irrational decisions were being made. Just like the immigration thing that has backfired on the far left and the progressives; the same thing is happening and getting worse with police defunding and the elimination of police and fire departments.

Police and firemen are quitting and retiring in record numbers with no replacements in sight. What I have wished for all along, is the defenders of these movements become their own victims.

One of the most disastrous possibilities in these scenarios is, these out-of-control issues will continue to esculate getting worse and to the level where they are beyond reversal. We are starting to see that happen on a daily basis.

With all of the evidence pointing to the downside of these operations, I do not see anybody taking any steps to shut the flood gates of humanity. To me that would indicate they are too stupid to care or definitely on a self-imposed suicide mission, taking the entire country with them. Whatever the case may be, it is totally beyond reasonable comprehension.

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