I don’t doubt it – butt………

New York AG sues Trump over fraud allegations

The lawsuit makes allegations regarding Trump’s financial statements

None of the high rollers, multi-millionaires, and billionaires have achieved the position they have in life by totally walking the straight and narrow. without cheating, stealing, or skirting the law on the way up.

I have no problem with the authorities investigating Trump if he legitimately pulled some fast ones. What I do have a problem with is this being another of the witch hunts leveled at him because he is a threat to the establishment. No one can convince me that this is not part of the big scheme to make it very difficult or impossible for him to run for president again.

If Trump should be investigated, so should thousands of other politicians that have crossed the line with their illegally falsified information and activities.

What can be more damning than Kamikaze Joe and his brat kid with all of their illegal activities and crimes they have committed? Yet because of who they are and their party affiliation, their crimes and misdeeds have been covered up for years. I say what’s good for the goose is good for the other goose.

Just off the top of my head and trying to be reasonable; what would I consider a more severe crime, being in bed with the enemy like the Biden boys have been, or some egotistical politician bullshitting about how much he’s worth. What should be the more severe crime and require immediate investigation?? It does not take a rocket scientist to decipher this.

How about Nasty Nan and her high-rolling old man that seemed to have a crystal ball knowing what the stock market is going to do three weeks ahead of time. Isn’t that criminal?? Never try to bullshit a bullshitter.  

I saw a story on Alfred Hitchcock years back where a guy sold his soul to the devil so he could have an advanced copy the newspaper one day ahead of time. He was an addicted horse betting junkie. All was going well for the lad, UNTIL He was winning so many races he didn’t know where to put the money all of the shoe boxes were full.

Then came the fateful morning when he was looking at the paper to get his bets in and ran across his name in the obituary. I would love to see that happen to many of the thieves we have in politics. They all have a lot in common, selling their souls.

I say if Trump is guilty of a severe crime, not some petty bullshit, hang em high. BUTT on the other hand, let’s make sure they do a clean sweep of all politicians and their families before they drag him to the gallows.

If they locked up all the crooks in politics, the halls of Congress and the Senate chambers would be 99% deserted.

One of the only people we would see milling around the chambers is Nasty Nan looking under her chair for the toothpick she dropped, the one she uses to pick the capicola out of her teeth.

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