These hypocrites top these events.

I’m going to call these two bullshitters the, you lie and I’ll swear to it twins.

TMC – these F-in fools really bought into our line of bullshit

I was just watching the news on Fox and saw, somehow TMC and his wife were honored by having their portraits placed in the White House. I thought that the honor was supposed to represent someone that contributed/accomplishes greatly to our democracy. I guess I was wrong.

During TMC’s presentation speech he made a comment about his partner in crime, the Kamikaze Kid, that the world and the country is a lot better off since he’s been in office. To me that deserves the weeks biggest AYSM lie. Then he whispered in his ear: see the picture above.

These people absolutely have to be on drugs to come up with the Off the Wall bullshit comments they do. No one in their right mind can stand back, realistically look at the conditions of this country as they are today, and say we are better off now than when Kamikaze Joe took office.


2019 prices
2022 prices

Total hypocrisy. This is just a small example of how they try to shove bullshit down the citizen’s throat and expect them to believe it. Sad to say; many people buy into the long line of crap.

I would think that TMC would be totally embarrassed making a comment like that. But like so many other politicians he is so used to lying it doesn’t even faze him. As the gay blade said, the first time I did it was the hardest, now it comes second nature.

Maybe I could get ahold of some of that cheap weed that they’re smoking, so I can look at life through the same prospective they do. Gotta be a whole lot easier believing all is well on the western front.

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