The Mantra of TMC and Kamikaze Joe; you lie and I’ll swear to it..

BLOOD Brothers in deceit lies and deception.

KJ – you know I really do believe they are that stupid

Yesterday I was just watching the news. The setting was, TMC and his bride were being honored in the White House by having the portraits hung on the Wall of Honor.

It was always my opinion if any honor was bestowed on a person, their achievements were supposed to be noteworthy and accomplished. I guess that does not apply to politics. Many people must be looking at TMC in a different light than I am.

During his gratitude speech, TMC (The Manchurian Candidate) mentioned that the United States is a lot better off today with Kamikaze Joe at the helm than it was with the previous president. What planet is this guy living on?? That one lie alone is worthy of getting the biggest fuckin lie of the year award.

When it comes to selling cow shit to the farmers, there is no one better at it than TMC.

It is incredible to me that these people are such Psychopathic liars that they believe their own preposterous bullshit themselves. Like the Gay Blade said on his first outing; the first time I did it was the hardest, now it comes naturally.

A couple of years ago I never thought there could possibly be a worse president than TMC, that was until Kamikaze Joe occupied The Big Chair.  It is mind-boggling to me; that these people could make such gigantic blunders, deliberate or accidental, not see the error of their ways, and refuse to resend their decisions. Both banditos have taken the word common sense two such an extreme level it barely exists in politics today.

I’m not talking about rocket science, I’m talking about everyday common sense decisions that are so far over the top they are beyond belief.

I said this so many times; any person with the least amount of G-2 (common-sense) should never be financing and taking care of another family while their own family is starving. In essence that is exactly what Kamikaze Joe has been doing.

The health and welfare of the United States and the American people are definitely last on Kamikaze Joe’s To Do List, if they exist at all.

The biggest problem issssssssss; that these pathetic decision-makers do not have to be subjected to live by their own rulings and decision-making. While they are sitting in their ivory towers on top of the mountain, many of the peasants below them starving to death.

I may not suggesting they are as brutal and cruel as some of the world dictators have been like Iddi Min, Pa Pa Doc, and Baby Doc, but they are certainly running a close second.

There’s absolutely no common sense connected to ANYTHING they’re doing. They are literally destroying the United States to achieve their own goal of a socialist state. In the socialist state, the only winners/money-makers are the birds that are sitting on the top branch, shiting down on all the little birds below them.


Is TMC really that ignorant to believe that Kamikaze is doing a great job. GMAFB, not even TMC is that gullible.

How does one go from this to this with a straight face???

Barack Obama has privately voiced concerns that Joe Biden … › news › articleshow

Aug 17, 2020 — According to Politico, Obama told another Democrat during the 2020 primary campaign: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up.” The …

Obama Privately Voiced Concerns That Joe Biden Could ‘F › Politics › News

Aug 16, 2020 — According to Politico, Obama told another Democrat during the 2020 primary campaign: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuckthings up.” The …

Folks; I always shoot straight from the hip and tell it like it is!!

This is the same bullshitter (TMC) that awarded K J The Medal of Freedom award – the highest medal any civilian can be awarded.

Should have made it a lot tighter

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