Exhibitionist at their best ……

Many of the celebs can not make it on talent alone; because of their insecure nature they feel the need to outdo one another to keep their numbers and popularity up. They live by the old cliche goes; even bad publicity is better than no publicity

VMAs red carpet: Taylor Swift, Ashley Graham and Lil Nas X don barely-there ensembles at MTV awards show

Forest Gump wanna bees.


No wonder the exhibitionist Lil Naz is showing off his pecks – he has tits bigger than both of the ladies.

Take a good look at the freak show.


Do some of the fools really know how off the wall they look??

I love this picture; she looks like she is trying to sneak her entire family under her dress to get past security.

You know she has no skivvies on
Here is one that does know if he/she should to sit down and pee or stand up
Blow wind blow
You tell me and we will both know
Picture needs to be hanging on the wall in a post office
Good choices – fairly modest
Give your little friends equal coverage lady
Ready for bed at all times, in all locations
Snappy – flashy color
Absolute insult to the PEE COCK

Unfortunately many of these characters have a heavy influence the kid. As long as kids just emulate their manner of dress and not their drug and booze habits, that will be a plus. As we all know, all to often, one bad habits comes with another.

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