Take care of business here on Earth first ….



I feel the same about inhabiting another planet as I do importing illegals. When all of the earthling problems are satisfied and taken care of, then would be the time to venture outer space. Needless to say, that is a long way off if ever.

What has mankind achieved or learned by space travel?? They haven’t cured cancer yet.

Contrary to a what most people want to believe, the super powers here on earth want to control outer space for the sake of having domination and supremacy over the other countries.

They have developed weapons so sophisticated it is scary and are extremely dangerous.

WTF – is this what space travel is supposed to be all about???????

I use the same analogy with feeding the entire world when our own country is starving. Feed our own people first and then help the others. Get our worldly problems in order and then venture into outer space.

I look at how so many times some DO-GOODER missionaries invaded the rain forests around the world trying to convert the natives. All they brought with them were bad habits and diseases. The natives were 100 times better off before the intruders got there then after the left or were served for dinner.

In my opinion, I believe that mankind will be able to get to Mars and possibly beyond, BUTT to occupy it in the same manner earth is now, it will be totally impossible.

Mars is 93 million miles from Earth and would take (under optimum conditions) 7 months to get there.

Can anyone imagine a few dozen people locked away in a flying sardine can together for 7 months?? They would all kill one another out of frustration.

Fools; if you feel generous – have too much $oldi in the bank – are bored to death, spend it on your fellow man and get Mother Earth back into shape.

I know!! You all want to be the first one to say I was the first one ……

Your house is burning and you are cutting you F-IN grass. Has anyone ever explained to you what the word priorities means??

By looks of this picture, I don’t know if this fool knows his house is burning or not; just like the space cadets.

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