I have been preaching from my soapbox for years; all to deaf ears

I’ve been shouting my ass off for decades that mankind is out to destroy itself.

For all the naysayers and fools out there, this is positive proof.


See those two pics above? That’s what’s known as the “world heat map.” One’s from 1976, which was a hot year, back in…those days. The other one’s now. I don’t have to explain which is which. You already know.

You know because Europe’s on fire. France, Portugal, Spain, Greece — a ring of flames is sweeping through it. London’s hotter than parts of the Sahara. In France, they’re calling it a “heat apocalypse.” And that’s just the beginning. “Wildfires raged at the weekend across Europe and north America. In south America, the Macchu Picchu archaeological site was threatened by fire. Extreme heat has broken records around the world in recent months, as heatwaves have struck India and south Asia, droughts have devastated parts of Africa, and unprecedented heatwaves at both poles simultaneously astonished scientists in March.”

What does the world heat map tell you? Here’s what it tells me. This isn’t just “climate change” anymore. It’s climate suicide.

We have gone so far past the point of no return, they’re really isn’t much that can be done about turning the clock back in hopes of repairing the damage go to Mother Nature through constant abuse.

We are now experiencing the beginnings of something genuinely unprecedented in human history: Extinction. We are a species who has created the first endogenous — self-made — mass extinction in all of deep history. It’s in that sense — that very real sense — that we’re committing suicide. Extinction includes us. We’re committing suicide by way of extinction.

The United States has no right rolling boulders at anyone, especially when we’ve had leaders with tunnel vision and blind eyes. It surprised the hell out of me when PDT took the position he did.

The most consequential impact of Trump’s climate policies …

https://www.nationalgeographic.com › article › most-co…

Dec 11, 2020 — We added a lot of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere during the Trump years, but the biggest loss was failing to make forward progress, …

There are so many interesting segments in article, it pays to read the entire presentation to get the full effect.


The first thing that you have to understand, therefore, is this. Things are never going back to normal. 

It’s that what we’re doing — even at our most ambitious — isn’t nearly enough. It’s so little, so late, that analogies fail.

The first one, remember, was that even if we magically stop emitting carbon today, no, we don’t get the planet we grew up on back. We live on this planet now.

Fact two: carbon emissions hit their highest ever level in 2021. Highest ever.

Fact three: our planet is going to continue to heat up in shocking and disturbing ways.

This is the planet we live on now. Like it? Then we had better change. Because right about now, we are a species and civilization committing suicide. 

A very sad commentary to how mankind abused the precious Mother Nature and our environment; a very sad condition that could have been avoided if it were not for the insatiable appetite of greed, money power some world leaders throughout history have contributed to.

There has been ample warning many, many years ago, that with the proper precautions and adjustments mankind would not be in this suicidal spiral that we are now in.

It is one thing to be in a predicament through no fault of our own goes sour; but when this could have been avoided and was not, that is a criminal act against mankind.

Not much more that could be said except; you have heard me repeat this many, many, many time; enjoy that next steak you’re going eat, never know when it will be your last.

Who should be the one to wear the jacket for this catastrophe; I guess in many ways we were all contributors.

Some scientific experts are of the opinion, mankind has less than 30 years before the roof caves in.

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