Let’s station THE BRAT on the boarder ……

Biden’s assault on Border Patrol agents continues even though they were exonerated

Exonerated Border Patrol agents still targeted by Biden administration’s political assault

Let us station THE BRAT on the boarder and have him subjected to same deplorable conditions our boarder patrol deal with everyday, then let us see what kind of criticism K J can come up with.

Noon – way to early to get up
Bullshitting – lying and stealing were on top of the teachers list from MY GUY

Who could ever believe to what extent some ignorant parents would go to the protector kid. Although this is a slightly different case; if THE BRAT goes down, so goes K J.

On September 19, 2021, photographers captured images of Border Patrol agents on horseback patrol trying to prevent illegal aliens from crossing the border near Del Rio, Texas. To any reasonable person, the photos showed Border Patrol agents controlling their horses in rough terrain while trying to prevent the rush of Haitian migrants from getting past them. The only thing “newsworthy” about these photos at the time should have been a visual confirmation of a border crisis driven by eight months of the new administration’s refusal to enforce immigration laws. Instead, the Biden administration jumped to politically convenient yet incorrect conclusions and vilified Border Patrol agents for doing their job. 

In lockstep with the mainstream media, the Biden administration immediately amplified a lie that the Border Patrol agents were whipping the illegal aliens. President Joe Biden said, “It’s horrible what you saw. To see people like they did, with horses, running them over, people being strapped, it’s outrageous.”

It s so easy to sit in the ivory tower thousands of miles away judging the activities of someone having to deal with this type of pressure on a daily basis. K J is the typical arm chair quarterback, criticizing the play after it was run.

If his kid were dealing with those conditions, he would not even make it long enough to open his brown paper bag.

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