Heavens forbid ……..

Kamala Harris for president in 2024 not a sure thing, if Biden does not run, according to Virginia voters

Americans are open to candidates other than Kamala Harris for the 2024 Presidential Election

Let me pass on little bit of information to some other people out there have not noticed what a deadbeat Car-mella is.

Kamala Harris might be the worst vice president ever

https://nypost.com › 2022/04/26 › kamala-harris-might…

Apr 26, 2022 — The most dangerous place in Washington may be between the vice president’s office and the exits. Veep Kamala Harris’ chief of staff Tina …

I think the New York Post is being kind to the old broad and they said MIGHT.

Who in their right mind what do you think consider running this token broad for president. If there is anything left The USA when her suppose boss (gotta wonder who was running the show) finishes his term, she will destroy that in seconds.

I can guarantee you 100%, as sure as God made little green apples and it’s does not rain in Minneapolis in the summertime, this token broad as thousands upon thousands of fools out there ready to put their X in the box next to her name.

I would say that a good percentage well the voters, put their check mark in the wrong box for a multitude of reasons. One is revenge, two get back, three racial preferences and so forth.

For the joker’s out there that my contemplate gifting Car-mella with check mark, in all fairness to the worthless, incompetent token, I don’t know if she can do much worse than Kamikaze Joe. I would not want to give her the opportunity to show her hole card.

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