#WTF took them so long ……

Chuck Schurmer

GREAT, but #BFD!! Why did it take these #pampered #primadonnas so long when all it took was the stroke of pen??

“Tonight, the United States Senate is doing something many believed was impossible even a few weeks ago: we are passing the first significant gun safety bill in nearly 30 years,” he said in a statement. “The gun safety bill we are passing tonight can be described with three adjectives: bipartisan, commonsense, lifesaving.” 

The bill would provide funding for states to create programs that could keep weapons away from people who are a danger to themselves or others, often called red flag laws. It would also enhance background checks for gun buyers under 21, add penalties for some gun criminals and provide funding for a variety of health and mental health-related programs. 

I have been talking about gun control for many years by recognizing #mentally ill people, background checks, public #vigilance and whatever else it takes to keep the public safe.

I certainly hope the #imposition on the #DC #Duds for them having two eliminate one of their coffee breaks or lunches in order to get this bill passed did not way too heavily on them. Can we even imagine how many lives could have have been saved and injuries avoided if this bill was passed 10 or 15 years ago??


This is just the kids in the country:


Every year, 7,957 children and teens are shot in the United States. Among those:

  • 1839 children and teens die from gun violence
  • 992 are murdered
  • 6,294 children and teens survive gunshot injuries
  • 2,788 are intentionally shot by someone else and survive
  • 693 die from gun suicide
  • 166 survive an attempted gun suicide
  • 10 are killed by legal intervention
  • 101 are shot by legal intervention and survive
  • 99 are killed unintentionally
  • 2,893 are shot unintentionally and survive
  • 38 die but the intent was unknown
  • 380 are and survive shot but the intent is unknown


Every day, 321 people are shot in the United States. Among those:

  • 111 people are shot and killed
  • 210 survive gunshot injuries
  • 95 are intentionally shot by someone else and survive
  • 42 are murdered
  • 65 die from gun suicide
  • 10 survive an attempted gun suicide
  • 1 is killed unintentionally
  • 90 are shot unintentionally and survive
  • 1 is killed by legal intervention*
  • 4 are shot by legal intervention and survive
  • 1 died but the intent was unknown
  • 12 are shot and survive but the intent was unknown


Every day, 22 children and teens (1-17) are shot in the United States. Among those:

  • 5 die from gun violence
  • 3 are murdered
  • 17 children and teens survive gunshot injuries
  • 8 are intentionally shot by someone else and survive
  • 2 children and teens either die from gun suicide or survive an attempted gun suicide
  • 8 children and teens are unintentionally shot in instances of family fire — a shooting involving an improperly stored or misused gun found in the home resulting in injury or death

How about those statistics fools?? I am positive the numbers are far less than the actual statistics.

Our illustrious leader commented: President Biden in a statement after the bill’s passage said that after 28 years of “inaction, bipartisan members of Congress came together to heed the call of families across the country and passed legislation to address the scourge of gun violence in our communities. Families in Uvalde and Buffalo – and too many tragic shootings before – have demanded action.  And tonight, we acted.

No shit Sherlock; One very important issue #Kamikaze #Joe neglects to mention. He played a gigantic part in the #leadership of this country for each and every one of the 28 years he is making reference to. He played a #monumental role in why the USA is in such #deplorable-conditions in just about every category imaginable. Now he wants to be the #hero for something that took 20 minutes together.

Not only do I blame the shooters for these disastrous shootings, I blame all the prima donnas in DC that have allowed this to reach the out of control proportions it has for so many years. If the proper precautions we’re taken 20 or 30 years ago, this monster would not have never grown to the proportions it has.

Do I think it’s gonna make a big difference?? Don’t get me wrong; if it saves one life it is worth it, but I do not see any significant turn around in gun related crimes.

If some nut case wants to get a gun bad enough and has enough presidents in their pocket, they can get it virtually anything they want, even a grenade launcher or tank.

The ONLY solutions is, get the guns away from the bad guys and mentally incompetent. Change the constitution if necessary. As long as criminals and the mentally insane are able to get their hands on a fire arm, legally or illegally, this insanity will never end.

Take a ride to any big or small city in the USA right now, take your life in your hands and go to the ghetto, I will guarantee you can buy a fire arm from some hustler in 5 minutes.

It is all lip service folks – putting a band-aid on the problem. Giving to the real root of the problem takes backbone and set of nuts to take the necessary steps, regardless of what they are, to get the job done.

The government knows who they are, where they are and their nefarious intentions. They should use anything in their arsenal to disarm these people. Tough times call for tough action.

Politicians: if you are not up to the job, get your ass out of politics and allow the right people to do whatever is necessary to put and end to this insanity. Sorry if this interfered with your mid-day coffee break. Gibe the GOOD cops their power back. We can see result of wanting to defunding or eliminating caps.

Should I congratulate the DC DUDS for their good work?? Hell no; it only took you 30 years to get it done, still only put a small band-aid on the gaping wound that will still continue to bleed.

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