No #brotherly-love here – only #motherly-stupidity ….

Philadelphia #carjacking surge due to #lenient DA policies, requires task force #crackdown: former top official

Philly Police have recorded 420 #car-jackings in 2022 so far

Officials say; “Schools shut down. rec centers closed, athletic programs, afterschool activities ceased to operate, the activities that kept the little darling thieve off the street.

It is a fact; the kids that are involved in organized activities are not the culprits. These crimes are #perpetrated by #bad/ass/thug/hoodlums. This is one of the primary reasons I have been pushing for EDUCATION facilities to be set up around the country to educate our kids and keep them off the streets. But naturally; if it is not a #harebrained/recommendation idea from some fucked up politician, they will not even acknowledge it.

The first thing politicians do when one of the idiots comes up with a new solution to a problem; they set up a committee, appoint a Czar to spearhead the initiative, pick the most expensive venue they can find, convene a two week long meeting at The Four Seasons in Miami FL to discuss the issue that is as plain as the nose on Jimmy Durante. No meeting necessary. GMAFB!!

I say bullshit. The thugs are grown kids who are supposed to know right from wrong. Just because the rec center closed, we do not raid the corner pharmacy and steal all the drugs.

Hey homies, school closed today, let us go out, find a few suckers and murder the sons-a-bitches to occupy our time.

The lack of enforcing the law to the greatest degree is to be 95% of the problem. NO penalties, no crime control.

From my observation, I contend that at least 90% of all problems exist because the powers to be do not look at the situations objectively and recognize the real/true root of the problem. They constantly try to shift the blame away from themselves and put the jacket on someone else. What do you think Kamikaze???

Why is crime up so much I asked one politician. His brilliant reply was; probably because the price of popcorn in the local theater went up $2 a box. That makes about as much sense as all the other bogus excuses the politicians used to cover up their #incompetence.

Fools that control these cities; WTF are you going to take your blinders off, recognize what the real problems are, get to the root of them and start imposing penalties that are #commensurate to the law. Until those simple steps are taken and you keep bullshitting and lying to yourself, conditions are only going to get much worse.

Start with as #recognizable/real but very #complex problem that is a gigantic #scourge to this country; black people killing black people (black crime). It sure as hell has nothing to do what the white population. Black people kill black people because many of them had very poor if any role models to emulate and no authority figures to set them on the right path. Cap that off (no pun intended) with the fact the penalties for crimes are little to none, what #impetus is there not to commit a crime ??

I was very disappointed to see that Bill Cosby had multiple personalities. What he was doing for the black community, trying to put them on the right track, that initiative was invaluable. Regardless of what his demons were, he cared about his race and wanted to help them do a turn around. Too bad Mr. Huxtable fucked up.

Look good and the bad turned ugly

Bill Cosby said it all;

Cosby elaborated Thursday on his previous comments in a talk interrupted several times by applause. He castigated some blacks, saying that they cannot simply blame whites for problems such as teen pregnancy and high school dropout rates.

I am not trying to put all of the blame for all social unrest on black people. White people have a very big hand in it as well (most of the laws hurt controlled by the white population) although it is very apparent black people do crime far much better than the whites do.

If the criminal conditions in this country ever hope to change, the powers to be have to take their blinders off, take your head out of their ass, recognize the problem, get to the root of it and correct it. Shifting the blame from person to person or situation to situation in an attempt to camouflage the conditions only worsens that will never come to a reasonable resolution.

Folks; let’s look at this thing realistically; don’t burn down the city because popcorn went up $2 a box. PPP (piss poor politicians) down deep inside, in that #idiotic body of yours, you know what the problem is, FIX IT.

I can see the problem plain as day. Why can’t you? Because you don’t want to

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