The Lady hit the nail on the head ….

Laura has a lot bigger following than I have and can get her message across a lot more effectively.


She hit the nail on the head. Listen to the video.

Kamikaze is constantly trying to connect with the common man, the people that are feeling the biggest pinch, with his unexplainable/ disastrous decision making, that he once was a poor man too. WGAF???

Do we really want to know what a pathetic liar he is?? He did not start bull shitting yesterday. He has a very long history of fabricating.

Latest False Fact-checks on Joe Biden – | PolitiFact › factchecks › list › speaker=…

PolitiFact is a fact-checking website that rates the accuracy of claims by elected officials and others on its Truth-O-Meter.

Joe Biden’s town hall mistake… · ‎Biden exaggerates trips to Iraq… · ‎Truck driver

Fact check: A look at Biden’s first year in false claims – CNN › 2022/01/20 › politics › fact-check…

Jan 20, 2022 — When President Joe Biden passingly said in a voting rights speech last week that he had been “arrested” in the context of the civil rights …

Biden’s obsessive lies – small and large – are big trouble for … › 2021/11/22 › bidens-obsessive-lies…

Nov 22, 2021 — President Joe Biden keeps telling lies. He just told a New Hampshire crowd of “having had a house burn down with my wife in it — she got out …

Here’s The Full List Of Every Lie Joe Biden Has Told As President: 150 And Counting:

One of the biggest downsides to lying, the person has to have a good memory. Obviously Kamikaze Joe does not. He is so used to bull shitting, it has become second nature to him. We can almost guarantee that whatever comes out of his mouth is a falsehood. Pretty sad commentary when he is supposed to be one of the top respected leaders in the world. What a embarrassment.

That man is fake from stem to stern, yet there are still millions of people (fools) in this country that thinks he could walk on water.

How many more times does the guy have to come crawling into the house smelling of booze and perfume at 0500 before his old lady catches on he has been cheating on her?? What do you mean I wasn’t playing cards!!

Wake up dummies. DBSFN!!!

The fools that buy into Kamikaze’s bullshit are so ignorant and naïve; they remind me of THE ANIMAL in the original movie Stalag 13 who was a prisoner of war for four years. One day he got a letter from his wife telling him that she was pregnant with THEIR child.

After The Animal read the letter out loud to the rest of his inmates; he said in a very convincing voice; fellas, you know I believe her.

you know guys, I believe her!!

Watch the original movie, it is very entertaining.

The guy is a human wrecking ball.

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