New #movie coming out called #BLACK-ROCKY …

Will Smith won’t be ‘permanently canceled’ by Hollywood but his brand is ‘forever tarnished,’ experts say

The ‘King Richard’ star is considered ‘damaged goods’ for the ‘time being’ after he slapped presenter Chris Rock at the Oscars

What expert??? Question of the decade??? With all of the #scumbags/degenerates living and loving in #tinseltown; how is it possible to tarnish someone’s reputation?? Per capita, they probably have the worst #foul-balls on the planet.

Soon to HIT (sorry for the pun) the big screen. Maybe just the rumor, we know the way Tinseltown rolls. No sooner a #hot-dog-vendor set up on the sidewalk, getting ready to do business, he gets run over by an 18 Wheeler, and the projectors are already rolling.

Marty Socr-sa-sezy was overheard chewinging the fat with the Raging Bull, telling him what a great right hook Will Smith has. The lad would make a #great-black-rocky, what do you think Bobby??

The only answer that came to the Taxi Drivers mind was; #FUCK #DONALD #TRUMP.

Folks all I can tell you is; keep a good eye on HBO and Showtime.

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