Would you expect any different ….

Hunter Biden: MSNBC, ABC, CBS sidestep authenticated laptop they dismissed in 2020 while addressing DOJ probe

The WaPo published a report that verified Hunter Biden’s emails, which received nearly zero network coverage

If THE BRAT goes down, so will is old man, Kamikaze Joe. Why do you think there has been no investigation up until now with all the undeniable evidence they have and probably won’t. If THE BRAT goes down, so will is old man. I would not be the least bit surprised if Kamikaze was coaching the Brat from the background every step of the way. If THE BRAT goes down, so will is old man,

THEY want to see Donald Trump’s tax returns; the government should insist on seeing all of the Biden’s family financial records. Is it snowing in hell yet???

This country has too much on its plate to deal with right now to launch an investigation. Hopefully in the future some legal action may be taken (I doubt it), the only feasible way I see it happening, if Donald Trump scores again in 2024.

I just love this picture; the dynamic duo can’t ever bullshit their way out of this one. Vanity can be a killer. Talk about two narcissists, they are the POSTER BOYS.

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