Too Too complicated and one sided ….

USA Today

Russia reveals harsh demands for ending war as talks begin; Ukraine calls evacuation routes ‘unacceptable’

Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Monday revealed Russia’s harsh demands: Ukraine halt its military activity, change its Constitution to include neutrality so it can’t join the EU or NATO, recognize Crimea as Russian territory and recognize independence for the separatist regions of Donetsk and Lugansk.

This is about as one sided as any agreement can possibly be. I don’t call this negotiating, I call it demanding.

Talk about giving the whole farm away; if these demands were even a consideration by Ukrania, they might as well throw the towel in right now and save themselves for a lot of future hardship. Anyway this thing goes; I do not see any good solution/outcome for Ukrainian people.

I am not a pessimistic person, just a realist. In my opinion, the war between the two countries was over before it ever began. Russia has so much more going for them then Ukraian has in the way of a war machine; especially with

Is the inevitable outcome really worth it?? That is a question for the Ukrainian people to answer. We have to look at the big picture. If Ukarian did throw in towel or raise the white flag, that may be an invitation/open door for these madman to continue west. There absolutely are too many variables in this disastrous war that are one sided.

As the old saying goes; once the can of worms is opened it could never be closed again. The outcome in Ukrainia will definitely dictate the pattern and set the stage for all future military operations. There doesn’t seem to be any positive solution.

The only positive solution would be for Russia to be completely and totally crushed. I don’t know if that’s really possible based on the support they had from China and North Korea.

Is this a very sad tale or forecast?? Absolutely, but I think this is the way it is going down unless there is a modern day in miracle.

If China and N. Korea were not in the equation, it would be an entirely different story. But facts are facts and there are no ways around them.

I absolutely hope I am wrong.

I am doing a lot of praying for the people in Ukrania wishing them the easist way out of this horrible dilemma they’re in. I don’t know what else I could do it. Everytime I see the death and distruction, it breaks my heart, especially knowing that this war is not nearly over.

How many killed in Ukraine so far?

Zurich: At least 351 civilians are confirmed to have been killed in Ukraine since Russian troops invaded on Feb. 24, and another 707 wounded, although the true numbers are probably “considerably higher”, a U.N. monitoring mission said on Saturday.

The #cruelty, #brutality and #evilness of Putin, there are no written words that could describe him. How is even possible that one man could be so #heartless and #unscrupulous??

These are human beings, kids – elderly people, flesh and blood that he is dropping bombs on. He has not one ounce compassion in his entire body. What in the name of anything sacred makes person like that tick??

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