If the #circumstances were #reversed….

 Defiant Zelenskyy reveals location, puts world on notice about who Putin will target next

What would happen if the US imposed a no-fly zone in Ukraine

Tucker Carlson Today 

Preview: Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard went from rising Democratic star to being called a Russian asset by a Hillary Clinton. But when Tulsi talks, we listen. She’s one of the freest thinkers in America. With war raging in Ukraine, her message is more important than ever.

Repeat: if this lady was running for president, I would have voted for her before Donald Trump.

If the circumstances were reversed; do we think Ukrainia would jeopardize their safety to assist the United States in the manner they are asking?? Historically, I have never seen this happen.

If WW III does kick off, initially most of the war will be fought through the air using nuclear missiles. After all the dust settles and the ash cools off, the ground soldiers will move in and mop up the spoils. That event will be unlike anything mankind has ever witnessed, total devastation. Beside the destruction the explosion of the bombs makes, the radio activity will linger for decades or centuries. What good will uninhabitable land do anyone?? Does any of the MAFS???

And to think; this can have been avoided if it were not for the greed and self satisfaction of one narcissistic evil maniac. But we would be foolish to not to think, sooner or later, somewhere down the road, another psychopathic warlord/killer would come up with the shame ambition.

I have always said; mankind is out to destroy itself. This may be the finest example of that.

At some point in time, the world is going to have to come to the realization, are we better off having nature take its course in the Ukraine for the salvation of mankind. It is a foregone conclusion Russia will win the war no matter what assistance they get from outside. That being said; does it make sense to set up the more fly zone and start World War III. Not in my book; but I am not on Ground Zero being bombarded with bombs. It is absolutely a very very difficult no win decision to make.

Gabbard’s take or perspective on establishing no fly zone over Ukraine, it would definitely be the start of World War III. I don’t know if some people do not realize the severity of the situation/conditions. This world is on the verge of imploding in on itself.

Many other influential/notible people in the know are of the same opinion; WW III HAS ALREADY STARTED.

Bill Ackman: Russian invasion means WWIII ‘likely already …

https://nypost.com › 2022/03/07 › bill-ackman-russian-…

21 hours ago — The Russian invasion of Ukraine means that World War III has “likely already started,” according to billionaire hedge fund manager Bill ...

Should anybody that cannot swim be expected to jump in the ocean to save another person that is drowned?? I don’t think so. In many cases, the lesser of two evils MUST be evaluated. ALWAYS; self preservation is the name of the game.

It is my opinion, the USA and the rest of the world should do everything they can financially to assist the Ukraine against Russia but to get involved militarily will only making an already dire situation a lot worse than it is and will kick off World War III.

Let’s face it; this is not our fight, we did not start it; by us getting in the middle of the two countries militarily will only bring on nuclear war.

In fact a no fly zone would mean, Russian planes would be shooting down American planes and American planes would be shooting down Russian planes. That will be the tipping point and the catalyst to start World War III. Putin the maniac has no compulsion about hitting that red button.

Cold hard facts that are very hard to digest. The reality of the situation is (this is very difficult for me to say); do we put the entire population of the world in jeopardy by attempting to save the Ukrainian people?? Or is the more prudent/wisest thing to do allowing nature take its course and have the chips fall where they may??

There are so many different ways to look at this (none of them being any good); especially not knowing if Putin gets his way, will his aspirations stop there??

OPTIONS: None any good

One: another World War it’s bound to happen sooner or later, so do we push the envelope and get it over with now or do we try to delay the inevitable and have Ukrainian people defend themselves. This alternative maybe the most cruel as far as the loss of life and property, but in the long run maybe the most humanitarian!!!!!

Two: very important; can we be certain if and when the Russians does defeat the Ukraine, will Putin stop there or continue with his madness?? That is a question I don’t think anyone can answer but Putin himself. If I had to guess; I would say, once he conquers Ukraine that will not be the end of his aspirations/desired conquests.

So many ifs: IF setting up a no fly zone over Ukraine would put an end to this war; I would say by all means do it. That initself would only would escalate the disasterous conditions.

All we would be accomplishing by imposing the no fly zone would be poking the gorilla in the eye with a stick. We are not killing the beast, all we are doing is pissing him off more.

Two old cliches have never been more apropos; being between a rock and a hard place and we are damned if we do, and damned if we don’t.

These conditions did not just pop their ugly heads out of the ground yesterday, last week, last year or the last decade; they have been festering for many years and finally have come to a head. The analysis all boils down to, it is all about greed, power, money and control. What is said commentary for mankind

The real winner in this whole scenario will be China. Charlie Chan is sitting back waiting for Russia and the rest of the world to destroy one another; then they will come in with their chops sticks and devour the chop suey.

If Putin thinks he can trust Charlie, he beter think twice. That perpetual smile on Xi’s face is very deceiving. He is definitely out for all of the marbles.

I cannot stress this enough; I can only hope that the powers to be, make the critical decisions using their good common-sense (if they have any); do what is best for the entire world, weigh their options thoroughly. What is the right decision to make and the lesser of two evils??


As always; I absolutely hope I’m wrong

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