Is the Judo guy that incompetent ?????

Ukraine-Russia War: Russian troops underfunded, equipment sub-par, according to reports

Russian troops seem to be largely untrained conscripts fulfilling mandatory service

With all of the #hoopla/Putin-hype and months of #preparation, I cannot believe the Judo guy would enter into this war #ill-prepared. The last thing he wants to do it’s to make a #fool of himself on the world stage.

His #objective/strategy should have been to send his best troops and best equipment in there and to #dominate the Ukraine’s, but #fortunately that doesn’t seem to be the way it’s panning out.

ThRussian effort to invade Ukraine appears to have been underfunded and under-equipped to handle the swift takeover that Russian President Vladimir Putin was hoping for.

Russia is “increasingly frustrated” by the lack of momentum in the invasion, particularly in the north of the country, a U.S. official said Saturday. Despite the months of planning and preparation, Russia has yet to achieve air superiority, and Ukraine retains command and control. 

Is it possible Putin is not the #warrior/military-strategist the world thought he was?? Is it possible some of the Russian soldiers are #opposed to Putin’s #illegal/unlawful/invasion and are not performing to their maximum??

With many of his #civilized/countrymen are #protesting against the war, I’m sure there has to be many in the ranks of the Russian army they are not going at this #whole-heartedly.

#Optimistically; that would be a great way to defeat this #tyrant from within.

Let us be realistic, as #demented and #sadistic is any person may be, they would have to admit this #illegal/invasion was totally uncalled for and #catastrophic. #COMMON-SENSE!!!

Is the Judo guy that incompetent ????? Has the world, including myself, given this #BEAST too much credit as to his #military-expertise?? I really hope so.

Would this ever be #poetic-justice-karma if the end results of Putin’s invasion #backfired in his face. I don’t know if the man could will stand all that #criticism and #shame that would come with his defeat.

We absolutely have to give the Ukrainian military and the citizens of the country #1,000% in the effort column for #resisting the invasion. They are some very #courageous, #proud and #very-strong people; that I hope will come out on top.

I can assure you of one thing; (I hope not) if Putin sees he is getting his #ass-kicked, he will pull out all the stops and use anything/weapon necessary to win this war. This is more of a personal issue thing with him then a political one . That in-itself may #exacerbate WW III. Donald Trump must be reading THE GOOMBA GAZETE. I said that a week ago.

Trump warns ‘world war’ could be next as Russia continues invasion in Ukraine

Trump says Putin’s multi-front invasion in Ukraine could lead to the next world war

If you’re not a praying person, at least be a well wishing person and support Ukraine. They need all the help they can get. from any department they can get it from.

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